About us

Hi! Welcome to the heaven of Sleep. I am Ashley Hayes, the Editor-in-Chief of Sleepheavn that aims to take you through the serene journey of sleep. In this journey we unfold before you all the big and small secrets of sleep. We introduce to you the basics of sleep and gradually promote you to a level where you can comprehend the complexities of this daily ritual.

With me you will review the plethora of sleep products flooding the online and offline markets. You will also graduate from being a basic sleep amateur to an expert who knows it all about sleep. We will talk about sleep, sleeping habits, sleep positions and sleeping mattresses and all the bits and pieces of our life that indirectly affect the quality and quantity of our zzz’s. Our motto is simple-You SLEEP well.

My Story

It all started when I was just 17. At first I thought it was the stress of college studies, but gradually it started affecting my studies, concentration and my daily life. It was then that I realized that insomnia had crept into my life when I had least expected it. Though, still in its infant stage, it affected me. So I decided to fight it out.

It has been almost a decade since that happened to me but believe me since then I have absorbed myself in this intriguing world of sleep. Over the years I have researched about sleep, talked to experts, read hundreds of journals and talked to family and friends to collect their experiences about sleep, sleep products and all that affects sleep.

My collected research and experiences have all found a one stop destination- SleepHeavn.com. As I navigate you through this journey, hope you explore and learn all that is needed for you to sleep better.

And yes, for me the word insomnia is out of my dictionary. Believe me I sleep like a log! That is what Cupid my adorable pug feels!