Best Air Mattress: Blow it up for Comfort

Finding it difficult to accommodate all that extra luxurious furniture into your one room apartment? But can’t compromise on comfort either, right so what do you do to keep comfort and luxury under one roof? Well, for years, man has been designing things to meet his growing demand of luxury in the most affordable budget and with minimum storage space.

Yes, another innovation in this league is the modern air mattress. An air mattress also known as an air bed is an inflatable mattress usually made of poly vinyle chloride (PVC) and it uses air rather than coil, foam or spring as a means of support. Different compartments that run through the mattress allow you to customize the height, comfort and firmness as per your needs.

These blown-up mattresses, that are been used extensively worldwide are far different from the conventional coil and foam mattresses therefore they require extra understanding and care. In this section, we unfold before you the uses of air mattress, factors to consider when choosing them and the best air mattresses available in the market.

Common Places of Usage

Knowing the ultimate usage of the product helps to better select it. So where do you intend to use your air mattress? Being a versatile product, there are more than a couple of places where you can put it to use.

best air mattress
  • As Main Bed/Guest Bed: Often taken as temporary bedding solutions, air mattresses can serve as permanent beds too. Yes, you can inflate these mattresses and leave them in your bedroom as your permanent bedding solutions. Besides, they are most popular in their usage as guest beds, where normally the twin and queen sizes are preferred.
    So, next time you have guests pouring in or you joining some of your friends and family for a holiday prefer this portable solution that can easily come along with you.
  • In a Car or SUV: Planning a road trip but on a shoe string budget, thus cutting down on overnight stay at a hotel? Well, then do not forget to pack your air mattress that serves as an inflatable bed in the back seat of your moving luxury.
  • For back packing or camping: Camping holidays are incomplete without backpacks stuffed with an inflatable air mattress. Yes, after a tiresome day filled with exploration and adventure you need a good comfortable sleep on your air mattress within the cozy compartments of your tent.

What to look for when choosing an Air Mattress?

Since air mattress is a customized product, which you can adjust and use as per your needs, there are some factors which you should consider when buying one.

#1 - Thickness: Air mattresses are available in different thickness or heights. A raised air mattress is one which comes with its own platform or raised support often up to the height of an average bed. This keeps the user away from the floor and gives some height along with comfort. They also come in thinner versions, which are ideal for camping or for cars, where they can be rolled and packed in a bag.

#2 - Pump: All air mattresses need to be inflated. However, the medium used to inflate can differ. There are basically two versions-the external pump and the inner built pump. The external pump is a sort of foot pump which requires physical labor to inflate the mattress. It is not only a tedious process but there is also the fear of losing out or misplacing the pump with time.

The more popular version is the inbuilt pump which is battery or electrically operated. It also comes with the convenience of adjusting the height and firmness by simply turning the knobs and increasing or decreasing the air pressure within.

7 Best Air Mattresses

Time to check out the best air mattresses available in the market.



Pump Type


Sound Asleep-Dream Series

Twin, Queen

Built in pump

Serta-Never Flat

Twin, Queen

Built in pump

ALPS Mountaineering

Twin, Queen

External Pump

Insta Bed-Never Flat

Twin, Queen

Built in pump

Coleman-Air Bed


No Pump

Intex-Comfort Plush


Internal Pump

Aero Bed-Classic

Twin, Queen

External Pump

Now let's briefly review each of these mattresses.

#1 - Sound Asleep-Dream Series Air Mattress

One of the best-selling air mattresses that comes in two convenient sizes-twin and queen. Its internal compartments make it easily adjustable to increase the height as required. The mattress also comes with a raised platform making it ideal to use as a bed permanently or temporarily as a guest bed. The pump to inflate the mattress is extremely convenient and works on a single click making inflating and deflating very easy and quick.

It maintains its shape and firmness all through the night with minimum air loss. Made of puncture proof material the mattress can hold up to 500 pounds, more than any other air mattress in competition. When fully inflated, it gives a raised feeling and customers often feel like they are using a box spring mattress with good bounce and support. The top of the mattress has a waterproof covering, thus keeping it safe from spills and other stains.

  • Raised double height
  • One click pump with easy inflation method
  • Waterproof outer covering
  • Holds up to 500 pounds
  • Multi layers for easy adjustment
  • No sagging and minimum air loss
  • Maintains shape throughout the night
  • Noisy pump
  • Suited best for home use because of raised base
  • Initial PVC stretching

Our Verdict

best air mattress

A top selling product which has multiple benefits of raised height, inbuilt inflation, additional weight holding capacity and easy adjustable compartments. A hands-on winner in the air mattress industry with a high ranking and satisfied customer base.

Almost everything has its own pros and cons, but when prudently analyzed, the pros of this ideal product outweighs its cons. All in all, a great value for money and if you are looking for the best air mattress, surely a good choice to bank upon.

#2 - Serta-neverFlat Air Mattress

A product from one of the best mattresses companies of the world. This high raised 18” mattress comes in two convenient sizes-twin and queen. An extremely popular product among air mattress users, this mattress comes with two built in pumps based on neverFLAT technology to inflate and deflate the mattress. The material used to make the product is basic vinyl and has a coiled inner design that gives it good support and bounce.

When the air mattress is fully inflated, the auto off button, ensures that it is automatically cut off from the power supply. A very sturdy mattress that is easy to set up and can be conveniently used as a permanent bedding option because of its many features. It has an amazing quality to hold air for a long time with minimum air loss. A highly durable product that lasts long if properly cared and maintained.

  • Comes in two convenient sizes
  • In built pump with auto cut off feature
  • Good support and bounce
  • Holds air for days with minimum air loss
  • Excellent durability
  • Some instances of off gassing noted when unpacked

Our Verdict

If you are looking for the best air mattress with a convenient in built pump for inflating with minimum hassles, then this is the product for you. An extremely convenient product it can serve all your bedding necessities from being a permanent bed in your bedroom to your resting ground in your car.

With a good and strong support, you can be rest assured, that your spine is aligned perfectly and not worry that you are not using a conventional bedding option. With all positive features, the product gets a high ranking from the market experts and is highly recommended.

#3 - ALPS Mountaineering Air Mattress

A perfect multi-purpose product that can be used both indoor and outdoor. This convenient and easy to use air mattress comes in two standard sizes-twin and queen. With its ideal size, it fits well into tents and is the first choice for campers and travelers.

Moreover, it is lightweight and comes with a complimentary carry bag, making it a must on the check list of adventure lovers. Besides its outdoor features, it is also a good choice for internal home use. The mattress comes with an external chargeable pump and a handy wall charger and car charger to suit your needs. The piece of luxury is designed for comfort and avoids slipping or tipping.

The outer cover is made of thick PVC with puncture resistant covering. The inner inflatable compartments are designed to maximize comfort and durability.

  • Two convenient sizes
  • Best suited for camping
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable and durable
  • Made of PVC and puncture resistant casing
  • Complimentary carry bag

Our Verdict

Going by the name, you can guess that it is a perfect product for mountaineers and our adventure lovers who love to have an adrenaline rush during the day and a restful sleep in their camps at night. Good PVC covering keeps it leak proof and is best option for outdoor use.

However, a complementary bag and easy external pumping options can be attractive to users who look out for something extra in every buy.

#4 - Insta Bed-Never Flat Air Mattress

One of the most comfortable air mattresses available in the market which comes with a raised platform and offers three comfort levels-plush, medium and firm. It comes with a noiseless in built pump that makes inflation and deflation easy along with an auto cut off feature. Using the mattress with a good quality cover or sheet gives it the same feel as an innerspring mattress.

The total pumping and inflating of the mattress takes about three minutes which is considerably less than other mattresses. It also comes with an attractive storage bag which makes it easy to carry and unpack. With its dual size of twin and queen, this is a good bedding option for a guest bed or to carry it in tents or for camping.

As the name suggest, the inbuilt pump ensures that the mattress never goes flat by keeping air supply flowing in the mattress all through the night. The noiseless pump does its work without disturbing your sleep and peace.

  • Lightweight and large surface area
  • Customized firmness and comfort
  • Automatic Never Flat pump that can work all through the night
  • Soft outer cover
  • Storage bag for easy carry
  • Quick inflation and deflation
  • Constant power supply need to stay inflated all night
  • Sometimes subject to tears and punctures

Our Verdict

An easy to use product which could easily win your heart with its versatile features. Carry it in your back pack for camping, or push it in one corner of the guest room or use it for your everyday luxury as a night bed. It serves all purposes beautifully.

With the Never flat pump technology it gives you good value for money as you lose no air even while you doze off at night. Just plug in the pump and enjoy the best deal of your life with the ultra-comfortable air mattress beneath your spine.

#5 - Coleman-Air Bed Mattress

A beautiful queen mattress with a suede cover that gives you the feel of a conventional mattress at an affordable price. The 35 coils of the mattress give it support and stability that is completely unmatched to other air mattress products. Once fully inflated it stands high and meets most of the needs and uses. A simple sheet will improve the sleep experience although extra layers of foam or blankets are desirable to enhance the complete sleeping experience.

Available in both twin and queen size, this bedding option is easy to mount and to get off. The storing of the mattress is easy as it comes in an easy foldable storage bag attached to the mattress itself. Despite all efforts to maintain the durability of the product, chances of wear and tear with overuse cannot be ruled out.

The mattress is good for all uses however, it does not come with a pump and this is often the only drawback witnessed in the product.

  • Good height up to 18 inches when fully inflated
  • Easy to get on and off
  • Good comfort level
  • Plush top layer
  • Affordable pricing
  • Storage bag attached to product, so no chances of misplacing
  • Does not come with a pump
  • Initial rubbery smell when unpacked and inflated
  • Looks split and stretched with use

Our Verdict

An easy to use product within an affordable price range. Good height and comfort makes it viable for a buy however lack of pump for inflation may be a cause of worry for some users unless you have a spare one to use it on the product.

#6 - Intex-Comfort Plush Air Mattress

This in-built pump air mattress is the talk of the town in the air mattress industry because of its multiple uses and versatile features. The easy to inflate mattress satisfies customers on support, stability and not to forget the ultimate plush feel which often lacks in conventional air mattresses.

With a 22 inch thickness, the mattress is about knee height and has great edge support to help you use it as a sitting option. The top layer is coated with an extra soft material which gives it a plush feel. Although the mattress is lightweight, it can support the weight of two adults making it a good choice as a permanent bed or for a guest couple.

An extremely durable product which is loaded with the benefits of high strength polyester fibres that can withstand the wear and tear of everyday use. With all its benefits, it is moderately priced and does not pinch your pocket, especially if you are looking for an alternate bedding option for the guest room or your camping escapades.

  • Comfort Plush technology gives it the comfort of any conventional queen sized mattress
  • Dura-beam technology gives it durability and longevity
  • Built in pump for easy inflation and deflation
  • Soft cover and indented top for soft, plush feel
  • Affordable pricing
  • Built in pump runs on an outlet power so inconvenient during camping
  • Takes long time to inflate and deflate

Our Verdict

An above the average product offered by Intex that scores high on comfort but average in terms of technology used in the inbuilt pump for inflation and deflation. At an affordable price, it offers a good night of restful sleep. The only cause of concern observed in the use of the product is the poor-quality customer service reported by some users.

#7 - AeroBed-Classic Air Mattress

The AeroBed is a low profile classic mattress that basically comes in two sizes twin and queen. This extremely compact mattress with its lightweight feature is best suited for your guestroom or in your tents during camping sessions.

The light weight and compactness makes storage easy and portability hassle free. The Aerobed mattress comes with an external pump with high quality that is easy to use in inflating the mattress and takes less than 5 minutes to get in shape.

A low priced mattress that gives stability, support, comfort and convenience all rolled into one piece of bedding. It is best suited for overnight guests, weekend getaways and slumber parties.

  • Standard size with great support
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Easy inflation with external pump
  • Affordable pricing
  • Carry and storage bag included
  • Two years warranty on air pump and one year on mattress
  • Some cases of air leakage reported

Our Verdict

A basic product from Aero Bed that offers many features rolled in a lightweight sleep option. Best suited for camping and can be used for years as a guest bed. Easy to use external pump makes inflating easy and user friendly. With a moderate price, you couldn’t ask for a better product to satisfy your requirements from an air mattress.

The Bottom Line

When planning to buy an air mattress, first figure out the uses to which you shall put it to use. Once the end use is clear, buying an air bed becomes easier. While there are some decent options available in the market, analyze each in the light of your use and budget that you have set aside for it.

Through this detailed review, we bring forth before you some of the market leaders in this segment and their piece of manufacture with their pros and cons. Assessing a good air mattress is definitely a prudent task for it requires in depth knowledge of not only the physical components of the mattress but also about the science of air pressure and how it acts with the product to give you ultimate comfort and support.

If you live out of a suitcase and visit places, an air mattress can be your partner on all these expeditions, giving you constant comfort and luxury even while travelling. And if you intend to buy it for your guest room then be extra cautious for it leaves a mark of your reputation on your guests who would surely look forward to a comfortable sleep at your place. 

So, whatever be the purpose, a best air mattress is all about fulfilling the comfort needs either in your back pack or in your guestroom… make no mistakes in blowing up the right mattress.​

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