Best Essential Oils for Sleep: Flattering Fragrance

What you eat influences you, what you drink influences you even more but did you know that what you smell has an everlasting effect on your health and wellness. While a sniffing nose pulls you close to a grilling chicken in the kitchen or the brewing coffee in the office canteen, it can do wonders to guide you to your abode of peaceful sleep. Today we will discuss about the best essential oils for sleep.

If you are still wondering how… then let us take you through the world of aromatherapy where we introduce you to the magical charm of essential oils. This humble yet charismatic ingredient has been around us for centuries but its appeal lessened over period of time due to mechanical advancements mushrooming in the 21st century, but only to be revived with a better aura and deference in today’s age.

Essential oils are natural extracts from various elements of Mother Nature like-flowers, fruits, grass and other products of the Earth. In its purest form they are therapeutic in nature with the ability to influence the overall physical, mental and emotional well being of an individual.

Every essential oil has a distinct smell that is reminiscent of a memory, natural element or a place and often takes us down the memory lane reminding us and urging us to recall where we last experienced it.

If you reflect then you will know how the vanilla fragrance reminds you of your mother’s flour brushed apron and how the smell of lavender connects you to the memories of the young aunt who caressed through your cheeks leaving behind the scent on your rough denims to cherish for the evening, following her visit at your place.

Every scent has a trail of story for each one of us and it is this story stirred with the intrinsic benefits of the charming oils that can benefit not only our minds and bodies but also promote a night of peaceful and serene sleep.

Here we give you an insight into the best essential oils for sleep that play magic on our senses and transform our world of sleep enhancing our snooze experience like never before.

#1 - Lavender

essential oils for better sleep

An all time favorite and perhaps one of the best essential oils for sleep in majority of the masses. This versatile oil not only helps to fix common bruise, burns and cuts but can also increase sleep aesthetics by reducing stress hormones and soothing your tired nerves and muscles.

Extracted from natural lavender flowers, this essential oil is easy to use and serves all ages- from infants to elderly adults. Add a few drops of this miraculous oil in your bath tub or sprinkle it gently on your pillow and see how it transforms the ambience of your bedroom. The light mystic smell massages your stirred up emotions and relaxes them to feel the tranquility and serenity of the night.

Another simple way to take in the benefits of this outstanding oil is to simply spray a few drops of the oil on your palms and rub them gently. Then with a smooth stroke, rub your hands across your face and see how the magic unfolds.

#2 - Frankincense

Also called Olibanum, this common essential oil for sleep is extracted from the leaves, roots and stems of the wonder plant that has multiple health benefits. It soothes the distressed nerves and relives the stress and anxiety hormones in our body. It also strengthens our immunity system thereby causing holistic healing and increasing our wellness quotient.

Often used in small quantities, the oil is mixed with carrier oil like jojoba and inhaled or rubbed slightly on the skin to take in the essence. The oil is said to transmit messages to the brain through the nervous system, thereby easing and mitigating pain and fatigue.

The oil is also said to check negative emotions, keep high blood pressure in check and relieve stress. Because of its anti-septic properties, the oil acts as a good repellant and keeps bed bugs away and offers a sound and unperturbed sleep.

#3 - Cedarwood

Feeling low and depressed and want to lift your mood? Try a few drops of cedarwood oil to uplift your mood and fill your room with the woody and earthy feel of the aromatic plant. This healing plant found mostly in the cold climate is a storehouse of therapeutic and medicinal properties which works well on us and enhances and accentuates our senses to de-stress and uplift our mood instantly.

A few drops of the oil applied topically and massaged gently into the skin relieves fatigue and soothes the tired tissues promoting sleep and ultimate comfort.

So the next time you fall short of sleep or struggle with an aching muscle remember to pull that little bottle of cedarwood oil and pamper your senses with all the goodness!

#4 - Ylang ylang

Infuse the romance in your bedroom with the herb that is called the ‘flower of flowers’. An anti-depressant, anti-septic and sedative that calms down nervous irritability and positively influences the immune system. A natural energy booster, this oil energizes the male and female energies, and should form an integral part of every bedroom shared between couples.

Originally found in South Asian countries, this natural oil is known for its energizing and aphrodisiac qualities. Known to improve blood flow, strengthen the cardiovascular muscles and endocrine glands, this power herb invigorates our senses and brings about a calming effect.

#5 - Marjoram

Widely known as a member of the mint family, this aromatic herb originated in Egypt and has today traveled far and wide across different countries of the world. Most popular in culinary dishes, this herb is used to flavor soups, sauces, curries and Mediterranean dishes.

Besides its use in the kitchen, this aromatic oil has a score of health benefits. It relieves back aches, joint pains and migraines. It is known to relieve sinuses, asthma problems and naturally heal the human senses.

As a natural sedative, it is widely used to treat insomnia, sleeping disorders and violent emotional reactions. It has a soothing and calming effect on the mind and body, naturally transforming us into the world of sleep.

How to apply the Essential Oils for a Better Sleep?

No doubt, there are plenty of best essential oils for sleep that soothe our senses, but what is really important is to apply or use them appropriately so as to extract maximum benefit from them. Here we share with you some of the easiest and simplest ways to apply the essential oils to support sleep.

  • Trust your palms: Simply rub a few drops of the oil in your palms and when it turns warm cup your nose and inhale the aroma. You can also gently spread your palm on your face to absorb the richness of the oils.
  • Topical application: Just like applying perfumes at special points enhances the effect, similarly applying essential oils at specific points like your wrist, bottom of the feet, back of the neck, behind the ears, on the mastoid bones and other specific parts can trigger their effect and start their subtle influence.

    While applying them topically you can dilute the essential oils with some carrier oil that not only improves their viscosity but also tones down their strong odor.
  • Using a diffuser: If you are one of those touch me not species who do not like to be touched with any cosmetic or artificial application no matter how natural it may be then go for a diffuser. Place a few drops of the essential oil in your diffuser and wait for the aromatic smell to fill your bedroom without giving you a strong kick of the odor. Take in the essence of these oils as they diffuse into the atmosphere of your surroundings.
  • Using a spray: Do a simple DIY trick to prepare your own spray bottle that contains one or a combination of the essential oils. Spray the mystic essential oils on your bed, pillow and quilts just like you spray your perfume. The tiny droplets of oil clubbed with the air can cause a magic to your sleep.

Just like our body reacts differently to every food smell and every natural element that triggers our senses, similarly every human body reacts differently to the smell and effect of essential oils depending upon its bio-chemistry. If you are a new user give some time to your senses to discover which oil calms your body and works to relax your mind and soul.

If a single concentrated oil is too heavy for your usage, try a combination of two or more oils to check your receptiveness. However, remember to keep the dilution simple as complex smells can turn off your sleep rather than contributing in a peaceful sleep.

Once you discover the smell that flatters your senses, stick to it for some time, so that your body, mind and soul get attuned to its fragrance and naturally surrenders to its aroma as soon as you diffuse a few drops of it in your bedroom space.

Invite sleep with a few drops of best essential oils for sleep with flattering fragrance.

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