Best Hybrid Mattress: The Perfect Mattress

Picture a situation where you are looking out for a new mattress for your bedroom and are inclined towards an innerspring coil mattress but your better half with whom you share your piece of luxury prefers a memory foam mattress. How will you solve this dilemma?

Well to meet the needs of such customers who want the best of both the worlds, we have a new product in the market called Hybrid Mattresses. These mattresses are induced with the goodness of both memory foam and coils. So now you can bring home a mattress that satisfies your personal needs as well as that of your partner without compromising on individual choices.

In this review we will give you a deeper understanding about Hybrid Mattresses, their composition and the best market runners. We will introduce you to some of the best hybrid mattresses available in the market and help you in making the perfect choice that gives you a true value for your money.

What is a Hybrid Mattress?

Traditionally we all know about memory foam mattress and innerspring coil mattress and the benefits and drawbacks of each of them. But off late, the markets are flooded with a new variety of mattress called the hybrid mattresses. As the name suggest, hybrid mattress is of supreme quality which is basically a combination of both-coil and memory foam or latex foam.

Hybrid mattresses entered the markets, when there was a growing demand for a product that could combine the benefits of both coil and foam. Therefore, based on research and innovation a product was designed which takes in the benefits of both coil and foam while negating their ill effects. Conventionally, an innerspring coil mattress is known to provide good support and bounce, whereas a memory foam or latex mattress is known for its extra comfort and contouring abilities. The new or hybrid product in its simplest form is a combination of the two.

How are Hybrid Mattresses made?

Wondering what lies beneath the fabric of a hybrid mattress? Well it is composed of basic coil and foam or latex mattress in a 50:50 ratio. The base is composed of coils which are topped with layers of memory foam, gel foam or latex foam to provide comfort and additional support. The coil layers beneath gives it a frame and support that holds the upper layers in shape.

best hybrid mattress

While the foam layers, especially gel foam and latex foam give the correct compression and comfort. It aligns the body parts and contours all sleep positions, making it a perfect choice for sleepers. The gel foam allows easy air flow and regulates the temperature of the mattress thereby enhancing its breathability and avoiding hot sleep.

After knowing the ingredients that make up your favorite type of mattress, it is now time to check out the top brands of hybrid mattresses available in the market.

3 Best Hybrid Mattresses:





Nest Bedding Alexander Hybrid Mattress


True Hybrid

Sapira Mattress


True Hybrid

Voila Mattress

10 - 12"

True Hybrid

Now let's review each of these mattresses in detail.

#1 - Nest Bedding Alexander Hybrid Mattress

best hybrid mattress

A premium product from Nest Bedding, the Alexander Hybrid mattress is composed of four separate layers and comes in two distinct firmness scales. An impressive piece of comfort that sits on a base of pocketed coils, that provides good bounce and makes the mattress responsive so much so, that you may experience a bit of motion transfer if there is too much turning and twisting movement on its surface.

The layers of infused gel memory foam and Smartflow foam do a great job in adding comfort to the product with the perfect degree of sinkage and compression. Users have appreciated the support that the mattress gives to the spine and there have been no instance of hot sleep reported so far. The infused memory gel and smartflow foam take care of heat regulation and allow decent air flow, keeping the mattress fresh and cool. True to its name, the hybrid mattress scores well on all fronts, not to mention that it has great edge support as well.

Thus, it is a thumbs up for those who use their bed as a sitting option during the day. The hybrid design, coupled with two distinct firmness scale can please any customer looking out for a product that has a blend of all good qualities.

  • Combination of coil and infused gel memory foam
  • Good air flow
  • Decent support and comfort
  • Two distinct firmness levels
  • Good edge support
  • Supports all sleep positions
  • Affordable price range
  • 20 years warranty
  • Complains of motion transfer by some users

Our Verdict

Good support, decent comfort, impressive edge support and perfect airflow-all threaded together in one word would mean one of the best hybrid mattress that caters to the sleeping needs of all customers-basic and demanding. With its dual firmness scale to choose from, it is a perfect takeaway without giving much thought.

If all the qualities stated above echo with your preference then what are you waiting for? Check out at the nearest store or on your laptop for the best online offers and seal the deal.

#2 - Sapira Mattress

A latest innovation by Leesa Mattress, this hybrid sleep luxury has been designed to cater to customers with a deep and eclectic choice. The 11 inch thick mattress is made up of five distinct layers. The bottom layer is 1 inch of poly base foam. Above that are 6 inches of pocket coils layered by I inch of transitional poly foam. The top two layers are made of memory foam and high density foam.

The top layer is designed to give you the best feel of comfort and cooling by dissipating body heat and keep the ambience around the mattress cool and pleasant. The outer casing of the mattress is made of a fabric called poly-lycra which makes it soft, stretchy and breathable. The overall style and design of the mattress is kept somewhat similar to the trademark Leesa mattress. On the firmness scale the mattress ranges from 6.5 to 7 making it more firm than the traditional mattresses.

The hybrid mattress perfectly blends the layers of foam and coil to give you a complete feel of support, comfort and softness that is unparallel to other mono type mattresses.

  • Good bounce
  • Excellent support
  • Remarkable edge support
  • Beautifully designed outer casing
  • Medium firmness
  • No off gassing issues
  • 10 years warranty
  • Higher price tag

Our Verdict

A perfect product for someone looking out for a comfortable hybrid mattress and is ready to spend a few extra bucks to own that luxury. A must for couples who love to have fun in bed along with comfort. The bounce of the mattress makes it lively stimulating energy and positivity that is easily embraced and felt by the sleepers. It is one of the best hybrid mattresses out there.

With its least motion transfer feature it is best for partners, even if your better half is an extreme fidgeter in bed.

#3 - Voila Mattress

A considerable new entrant in the mattress industry, this three layered mattress targets at three levels of firmness. Ranging from 10 to 12 inches in thickness the mattress comes in three firmness levels-soft, medium and firm. It is composed basically of pocketed coils and gel memory foam and latex foam. The aesthetically designed cover compliments the mattress and offers great comfort and cooling.

The soft version of the mattress has a firmness of around 3.5-4 while the medium one is targeted at around 6 and the firm one sits at about 8 on the firmness scale. The Voila hybrid mattress has a thin outer cover that keeps you close to the foam layers giving you a feel of plush and comfort simultaneously.

The pocket coils of the hybrid mattress offer great bounce and response while relieving pressure points and scoring exceptionally high on comfort. With great edge support, the mattress caters to the dual purpose of serving as a sitting and sleep accessory.

  • Variable thickness
  • 3 range firmness
  • Good edge support
  • Relieves pressure points
  • Aesthetic cover
  • Good response and bounce
  • Very low sinkage

Our Verdict

The Voila hybrid mattress could be your ultimate choice if you are looking for comfort, support, bounce, response and cooling all clubbed together in one product. With its ultra thin cover you are in close contact with the variety of hybrid foams that compose the mattress.

However, if you like your mattress to envelop you during your deep sleep, then you may be a little disappointed for the mattress offers just medium sinkage. By and by a decent product venturing into the mattress industry that has a long way to go in the hybrid race.

The Bottom Line

​Hunting for the best hybrid mattress can be a daunting task especially if you are not equipped with the know-how needed to detect a good hybrid from any other run of the mill type product. With the above points that aim to leave you better read about hybrid products, we intend to assist you in making the correct and perfect choice that is a good blend of coil mattress and foam mattress.

In a world where people want the best of everything in their bucket, why should you be left far behind especially when it comes to choosing sleep luxury for your home?

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Victory says April 27, 2017

This is just the perfect answer for all of us

Victory says April 27, 2017

This is just the perfect answer for all of us

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Companies make such a huge offer about the edges of mattresses.

This is absolutely nothing new; all great innerspring mattresses come with more
springs in the middle. 3, it resembles an armour of
the mattress versus any spillage.

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