Best Innerspring Mattresses: Comforting Coils

In an average US household, when you speak of mattresses you are surely referring to the piece of inner coils padded with a layer of comfort foam that was once your granny’s pride and is today yours. But with the changing times, your emotions may not have revamped but the innerspring mattress industry surely has, to match up with its other flourishing cousins in the market. Let's find out the best innerspring mattress together.

Welcome to the new and better world of innerspring mattress which has gone a step further from being a basic sleep solution to a flourishing and luxurious mattress segment that has something to offer everyone…yes even the most demanding and picking customers. The last 10-15 years in the innerspring mattress industry has witnessed a paradigm shift not only in the ways in which the product has been redesigned but also the technology used to give it an up lift.

How does today’s Innerspring Mattress look like?

best innerspring mattress

Forward thinking manufacturers have introduced the pocketed coil technology into the innerspring mattresses to add an edge to the veteran product. What does pocketed coil do? Well, in its simplest form it means each coil used in the mattress is encased in a fabric layer with a lower and top layering of comfort foam that does wonders to relieve your pressure points and offer better comfort. The bounce and motion transfer of the traditional coil has been controlled through this technology, such that you do get the response and bounce of a spring mattress sans the motion transfer.

Factors To Consider When Choosing The Best Innerspring Mattress

Happy with the new look of the innerspring and convincing your partner to welcome home pocketed coil into your bedroom. Hold on…have a look at the factors which you should consider before taking the plunge.

1. Coil Encasing: As we explained earlier, pocketed coils is the new name of innerspring mattresses. It has many benefits. The encasing of each coil separates it from the other coils giving an even bouncy effect. More so the contour hugging produced by the pocketed coils is in proportion to the body weight unlike other types which allow deeper sinkage.

While most pocketed coil mattress claim of a count of 800 coils which is good but do not go by number, because anything beyond 1500 is not very appreciable. So look out for the optimum numbers that add bounce and spring but do not clutter the base.

2. Coil Quality: The quality of coils used in the mattress ultimately affect the quality of the mattress. Poor quality springs can lead to noisy and jerky mattresses that can simply put you off while you are trying to get some sleep.

3. Foam Encasement Quality: The layer of springs or pocketed coils are almost always layered with foam. Now a good mattress will always have the right combination of high density foam and low density foam. High density foam gives support and firmness while low density foam gives comfort and softness to the product. Non toxic and eco-friendly substitutes in foam should also be encouraged.

4. Look out for other benefits: Most of the best innerspring mattresses come along with added benefits of healing chronic back pain, some relieve your spinal sprains, some come with negligible odor, and there are others that claim to offer superior cooling properties. Which benefit are you looking out for? Choose the mattress that fulfils your need.

5. Accessories: What accessories come in as complimentary with the best innerspring mattresses? Yes, today companies offer pillow, removable covers and even encasements covers which can be washed to maintain hygiene. Look out for these accessories or trouble the salesman to get more freebies.

6. Maintenance: Because of pocketed coil construction, these mattresses are sometimes prone to bacteria, mites and bugs. Therefore their maintenance is one factor which should be checked beforehand. Prefer mattresses which come with removable covers that can be easily washed.

7. Price: Best Innerspring mattresses can come in different range of prices. While low prices are sure to allure you do not compromise with quality even if it means spending some extra bucks. After all it is an investment not expenditure.

4 Best Innerspring Mattresses

With a good and sound knowledge of pocketed coil mattresses, come let us see the top 4 mattresses in this segment that are worth a buy.






Innerspring + foam with 2 inch of extra foam on top



Coil on coil technology, combination of coil, foam and euro pillow



Wrapped steel coils with 3 layers of foam



5 zone pocketed coils + memory gel foam layers


Now let's review each of these mattresses in detail.

#1 - WinkBeds Mattress

best innerspring mattresses

A hybrid design from WinkBeds a relatively new entrant in the spring mattress industry. This piece of sleep design blends the traditional springs with the foam. What is most impressive is the extra 2 inch of foam added to the mattress to increase its plush quotient. With its online advent, the company’s policies of free shipping, easy returns and after sales customer services are also impressive.

The company also offers a decent warranty period and gives you the option to purchase customized bed frames to fit in their superior design piece. However, the only ‘online’ purchase option rules out the possibility of touch and feel before the purchase.

On the flip side it saves you from those pushing and annoying salesmen trying to convince you with their below average products even before you have a good look at the stock in the store. The mattress also comes with a Tencel fibre cover that is easily washable and adds breathability to the mattress. The WinkBed mattress comes in all standard sizes i.e Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King and California King.

  • Hybrid design with a combination of spring and foam
  • 2 inch of extra foam on top layer to increase comfort
  • Gives you the option to purchase a foundation for your mattress
  • Free shipping and easy return policy
  • Available only online so cannot be tried before purchase
  • Price slightly on higher side considering spring design

Our Verdict

If you and your partner are poles apart in mattress choice, then this piece from WinkBed solves all your arguments. It is the perfect blend of comfort and support with it dual composition. Moreover with no motion transfer, it assures a sound and restful sleep for both the heads that share the mattress. So, end all discussions and visit the online store to book your piece of bouncy comfort today.

#2 - Saatva Mattress

Saatva- a company that has made its presence felt in the international market for years offers a charming product that is likely to impress both the traditional and the unconventional buyers alike. Built on a technology of coil on coil, this product is a true example of technology meets comfort.

Primarily structured with steel coils, memory foam layers and a pillow top the mattress exhibits high standards raising the benchmarks in the international innerspring mattress industry. To top it all the outer encasement is made of 100% cotton fiber that is extremely breathable, soft and plush. The euro style pillow top is the star attraction of the product. The pillow top cover comes with slight quilting that adds aesthetic appeal to the entire sleep experience.

The mattress comes in three distinct firmness scales-soft, luxury firm and firm-no doubt it caters to all sleep positions especially the back and stomach sleepers.

  • High quality manufacturing with the technology of coil on coil
  • Comes with a euro style pillow
  • Three distinct firmness scale
  • Great air ventilation
  • Good motion isolation
  • Affordable pricing
  • A strong bed frame needed as foundation to avoid sagging

Our Verdict

The Saatva coil on coil mattress has perhaps the strongest base of satisfied customers with almost a nil percentage of negative review. This indicates the popularity of the product which is purely driven by its premium quality and outstanding performance. This combination of coil, foam and euro pillow is a must buy for someone looking out on a mattress within a reasonable budget without compromising on quality.

#3 - Aviya Mattress

A newbie in the innerspring industry but by a bunch of age old professionals in the mattress industry. Yes, the product is new but it comes from a family that runs a reputation in the sleep world.

A comfortable, supportive, luxurious and attractive product that comes at a pocket friendly price. It is a high-quality product using wrapped steel coils and offers 3 layers of polyurethane foam casing. The mattress comes in three distinct firmness option-soft, medium and firm that suits to the sleeping needs of different users.

The mattress has three layers of high density superior foam mounted on the wrapped steel coils and one inch of cooling gel memory foam on the top that keeps the temperature of the mattress constantly regulated.

With a perfect combination of support and comfort the mattress absorbs most of the motion generated by sleep partners annoying none of them. It also controls sinkage and sagging and thus lasts for a decent period of time.

  • High quality wrapped steel coil technology
  • High density foams with 1 inch of extra cooling foam
  • 100 days trial period
  • Eco-friendly CertiPur certified Foam used.
  • Available only online so trial before purchase not possible

Our Verdict

A mattress that suits customers of every class. The Aviya mattress combines the goodness of any top quality mattress. With a remarkable support, comfort, motion isolation, sinkage control, cooling properties and superior composition it can win over any other mattress in terms of holistic goodness. Surely, a new entrant in the market but worth a buy.

#4 - BrentWood Home Mattress

Another innerspring mattress that combines the goodness of gel foam and airlux foam to give you support and cooling all wrapped and delivered to your home. The company has three mattresses in the innerspring segment viz- Del Mar, Oceano and the Avalon with different price ranges.

The company is a reputed brand in the sleep world industry with its own manufacturing unit in Los Angeles.

The mattress comes with support and bounce. The support is induced by the memory foam layering which also gives it good support. The bounce comes from its inherent innerspring construction. With a medium feel the mattress stands at a firmness scale of 7.5 out of 10. In terms of support and affordability the Del Mar sub brand scores over the Oceano which is more indulging, both in comfort and pricing.

  • 5 zone individually base coils with layers of gel foam that keeps the mattress cool
  • Medium firmness
  • No motional transfer, good for couples
  • Affordable pricing
  • Good combination of support and comfort
  • Available only online so trial before purchase not possible

Our Verdict

Brentwood Home innerspring mattresses come from a reputed brand so can be trusted upon with faith. The combination of steel coils with memory gel foam looks promising specially when it is segmented into three categories to suit the budgetary needs of different users. A good piece of luxury starting from an affordable range.

The Bottom Line

Read, Research and Review are the three key words to buying the best innerspring mattress. Being the most common and preferred mattress since ages, the options available are innumerable especially with their modern makeovers combined with different varieties of foam.

If the above three keys fail to unlock the mystery of your best innerspring mattress then go for the last master key which is trial before purchase. Make use of all the free trial periods and satisfy yourself to the core before you settle for your dream piece.

While you review the mattress as a whole, focus on the qualities of the coil that ultimately build the character of these mattresses. All the above mattresses discussed in the review above have passed the test of quality and comfort, so banking on any one of them can be a safe game.

Remember, uncoiling the mystery of the comforting coils would not only need patience to check all the available combinations of spring and foam but also the prudence to choose the one that optimizes comfort while gently preserving your granny’s legacy.

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