Best Latex Mattress: Eco-Friendly Sleep Solutions

Decked up your home with the latest eco-friendly air-conditioner and the ultra-smart energy saving refrigerator, then why not opt for the eco-friendliest bedding solution when it comes to sleep.

Welcome to the world of Latex Mattresses-nature inspired sleep solutions. With growing consciousness for preserving the environment, more and more products are flooding the markets which offer consumers ultimate luxury without the guilt of harming Mother Earth. Latex Mattress truly fits into that category. Today we are going to take a deeper look at four best latex mattresses.

What is a Latex Mattress?

Check out how Zenhaven creates their mattress from scratch in the above video.

In its simplest form, latex means the milky fluid found in many plants in this case the rubber plant. It is this latex that is converted into superior quality foam that forms the core of latex mattresses. Thus, we can say that it is a kind of natural foam.

Being natural and eco-friendly, it costs a little more than the conventional foam mattress. However, it has various outstanding properties that truly justify its more than average price. In terms of durability the product has absolutely no competition. The mattress has a long life with almost 40 years of performance. The natural built of the mattress gives it a natural air flow and the mattress does not hold heat unlike other foam mattresses.

And in terms of response too the mattress scores above its artificial counterpart i.e. the memory foam mattress. The mattress gets back to its original shape in seconds. For those who are prone to allergies and skin sensitivity, this mattress is the ultimate choice because of its hypo-allergenic properties.

The most common comparison drawn with latex mattress is that of memory foam mattress.

Let us see a few points that make latex mattress score over other bedding options.

  • Latex mattress which is inherently natural has no heat issues like foam mattress and last longer than any of its contemporaries.
  • It is extremely durable with a high performing life which can stretch over a couple of decades.
  • Not only durability, but it scores well in comfort too.
  • The rebounding rate of latex mattress is high especially as compared to foam mattresses which take time to get back to its original shape.
  • Latex mattress offers consistent firmness unlike foam mattresses which tend to be firmer in winter as compared to the summer months.
  • In terms of pricing latex mattress is expensive as compared to foam mattresses but the high costs are attributed to its advanced composition as compared to foam mattresses which are quite basic in composition.
  • Latex mattress is bacteria and mites resistant as compared to foam or other mattresses which are more prone to infections and allergies as they serve as breeding grounds of insects.
  • Latex mattress offers good motion isolation, without transferring your movements to your sleep partner.

4 Best Latex Mattresses ruling the market

Let us have a quick glance at the front runners in the latex mattress industry.





Zenhaven Mattress

10 inch Natural Talalay Latex



3 inch Talalay latex + 6 inch APRICO Organic latex



2 inch natural Dunlop latex + 6 inch natural Dunlop latex


Latex Hybrid by Nest

2 inch wool + 3 inch natural Dunlop latex + 7 inch 5 pocketed coils


Now let's review each of these mattresses in detail.

#1 - ZenHaven Mattress

Best Latex Mattress

A complete 100 percent latex mattress with flippable sides. Made of 4 distinct layers all made of varying qualities of natural latex. A quality product from Saatva the leading mattress company, it is one of the finest in the latex market. Being a flippable mattress the top and bottom layers are made of comfort latex foam.

However, one side offers more softness as compared to the other. The softer side has firmness of about 4-5 on the firmness scale while the firm side measures up to 6.5. Zenhaven latex mattress does not have heat retention issues and scores well in terms of support and sinkage.

The outer cover of the mattress is made of 100 percent organic cotton that gives it a soft feel along with remarkable breathability. The mattress also earns additional points for its bounce and response. With negligible motion transfer and good pressure relief qualities, the Zenhaven mattress scores high on profitability.

The mattress is hand delivered rather than shipped in a box. However, the mattress is too heavy and it would be good to decide its place and set it once rather than changing positions, which is quite cumbersome.

  • Eco-friendly natural product
  • Good balance between sinkage and support
  • High durability
  • Flippable-can be used on both sides
  • Breathable and regulates temperature
  • 100 percent organic cover
  • Negligible motion transfer
  • 120 nights trial period
  • 20 years warranty
  • Sinkage is very nominal as compared to memory foam that hugs the sleeper
  • Not appropriate for low budget buyers
  • The mattress is very heavy

Our Verdict

A premium product from Saatva-the market leaders in the market industry, Zenhaven is a true natural foam based mattress that imbibes all the premium qualities of an eco-friendly bedding option. High durability, heat regulation, bounce, support, firmness, breathability and various other features are naturally blended to form a natural product that offers you quality sleep, even if it means shelling out a few bucks more than a contemporary product.

If you are aiming for a luxury mattress and budget is no restraint definitely go in for this product from Saatva (as it is one of the best latex mattresses), but remember to carve a corner for it beforehand in your bedroom, because its heavy weight can otherwise cost you to lose some calories in shifting it from one corner to the other.

#2 - PLUSHBEDS Latex Mattress

Best Latex Mattress

PlushBeds is the ultimate name that offers eco-friendly sleep mattresses and other accessories. The company is known for manufacturing not only mattresses but also bed frames, pillows, sleep covers and sheets…and guess what? All completely nature friendly.

The products are manufactured with and extreme quality standard and with the ultimate aim to protect nature.

The composition of the PlushBed Latex mattress is completely natural and nontoxic. The outer cover is also made of 100 percent organic knit cotton which gives it a soft plush feel. The outer layer is made of talalay latex, which is light and fluffy increasing the air flow of the mattress. Below this layer is the ARPICO natural latex layer which is often referred to as the Dunlop layer. This layer is mold proof and bacteria proof keeping the mattress free from all allergies.

Being completely natural in composition, the mattress is heat resistant and absorbs the heat of the sleeper and quickly dissipates it. Again, its natural composition makes it completely odorless and easy to use, even after immediate purchase.

  • High quality natural latex mattress
  • Perfect combination of comfort and support
  • Organic cotton knit cover
  • Anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic
  • Odorless
  • Regulates temperature and air flow
  • 25 years warranty period
  • High price not suitable for budget buyers

Our Verdict

If you are ready to buy a completely natural product with the goodness of comfort and luxury at a premium cost, then this is the buy for you. With an ultra-design combining the goodness of talalay and APRRICO latex, the combination is bound to impress you. No doubt, he price is alarming for an average buyer but believe it or not, it is a product that is class apart in this segment. So, if you can afford it, go and indulge in this luxury.

#3 - SleepOn Latex Mattress

Again a 100 percent natural latex mattress with a beautiful organic and wool cover that offers a perfect feel to your bedding solution. An extremely durable product that with perfect comfort, firmness and support. The structure of the mattress has been designed to provide the best feel while minimizing motion transfer. It is also heat resistant being completely natural in composition. Therefore, there are absolutely no worries about hot sleep or heating issues.

The mattress when unboxed gives out almost negligible smell therefore it scores high in terms of off gassing. Being a natural latex mattress it keeps away the sleeper from termites, bugs and bacterial molds, thus giving a safe sleep.

A nontoxic product that relieves pressure and soothes your joints and nerves. Being a natural product with layers of Dunlop latex you need not flip the mattress as often as you would need to do with other mattresses.

  • 100 percent natural latex product
  • No odor
  • High durability
  • Heat resistant
  • Anti-allergic
  • Nontoxic composition
  • Relives pressure
  • Heavy mattress so difficult to move
  • More firm than other mattresses
  • Price is on the higher side

Our Verdict

If your ultimate aim is get the best latex mattress that comes with all the benefits of a natural mattress, then this is your dream buy. Comfort, support, an extra bit of firmness, cool cover, pressure relief-you name it and this mattress has it all. Though a bit on the heavier side in terms of weight and price, yet it reminds you that luxury is never light and cheap.

#4 - Latex Hybrid by Nest

Want a quality natural latex mattress with the feel of a traditional mattress; try the latest innovation by Nest-Latex Hybrid Mattress. So, true to its name, this is a hybrid mattress that combines the goodness of Latex or natural foam and 5 pocketed inner spring coil.

The mattress has three basic layers. The top layer is a wool filled layer that gives it a soft and fluffy feel. Below it is the 3 inch of latex natural foam layer and the base is a 7 inch of inner coil springs.

The mattress comes in an easy zipped outer case that is easy to remove and clean. The latex mattress offers great breathability to the mattress and so does the inner coils. No doubt, the innerspring element offers that extra bounce to the mattress while the latex layer gives it the correct response. With complete natural latex component, the mattress dissipates heat and avoids hot sleep to the user.

  • A hybrid product combining the goodness of natural foam and innerspring coil
  • Organic wool cover for soft feel
  • Natural air flow through all layers
  • Easy zip cover
  • Available in two firmness variants-medium and firm
  • Good support and response minimizing sinkage
  • No off gassing
  • 100 days trial period
  • 20 years warranty
  • Nominal motion transfer observed by users
  • Price is on the higher side

Our Verdict

Looking for best of both the worlds-pick up Nest Bedding’s Latex Hybrid Mattress. At the price of a latex mattress you get the best of natural Dunlop latex and innerspring feel. Quality and performance exemplify its high cost and justify that luxury with a traditional touch does come at a premium price.

If you a traditional sleeper who cannot part with the bounce and feel of an innerspring mattress but wants to welcome an eco-friendly product home, keep no doubts and pick this as your natural choice.

The Bottom Line

Top four natural latex mattresses cherry picked for you so that you take home the ultimate piece of luxury when you spend a fortune on this long term investment. Through this review, we aim to bring you loser to the realities of each of the top products in this segment while unfolding before you their good and bad. Hope this guide helps you in finding the best latex mattress.

When it comes to latex mattress they offer nothing but pure, natural sleep solutions, therefore you may pick any of the lot and you are assured to get a good value for your money. But to get the best value, assess each of the above products in the light of your sleep requirements, usage and of course the payment that you are willing to shell out.

Surely, paying a higher price may not be easy but doing it to opt for an eco-friendly sleep solution and repaying to Mother Earth makes it worth the expenditure.

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