Best Mattress for Back Pain: Stretching it Right

A good and restful sleep at night should leave you completely refreshed during the day with an invigorating spirit in mind and body, but if it leaves you stretching and straightening your spine, then it is time to evaluate your sleep accessories. Sleep comfort is closely related to the relief and support extended by your mattress. You can improve your sleep quality by sleeping on the best mattress for back pain if you have back pain.

While a sedentary lifestyle at your office chair can contribute to a back pain problem, a wrong choice of mattress can further aggravate this condition. A severe back pain often compounds with insomnia leaving you sleepless for many nights. Disturbed and irregular sleep patterns can further turn a mid lower back pain into a severe one leaving you completely drained and exasperated.

Thus, one can say that back pain and lack of good sleep form a vicious circle, each contributing in exacerbating the trouble. Chronic back pain initiated by a poor mattress can lead to lack of deep sleep, more awakenings during the night and a more weary and worn out feeling during the day.

What causes Back Pain?

​What is causing you back pain can be a confusing question for you, especially if it happens suddenly and not based on any injury or accident. In such a case, you need to closely evaluate your lifestyle, posture and sleeping aids to decipher the real cause. Some of the main causes that can trigger a back pain are:

best mattress for back pain

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#1 -  Poor lifting techniques: Incorrect bending and lifting of heavy weights can cause substantial injury to your back leaving a strained spine and acute lower back pain. Therefore, doctors often suggest that you should bend from your knees and not your waist when lifting heavy objects. Twisting and turning from the waist when lifting a heavy object can be dangerous too. It can leave you with internal injuries in the spine which shall be difficult to figure out immediately, but which can have a lasting impact on your overall health.

#2 - Stress and anxiety: Your daily stress and anxiety levels also have a detrimental effect on your spine. Higher stress levels can lead to lesser sleep hours or short sleep, thereby leaving you tossing and turning in bed for long hours. Such frequent struggles in the bed can leave your spine adjusting to an undesirable position and a strained muscle.

#3 - Incorrect posture: Poor standing, sitting and poor sleeping postures are the major causes of back pain. The spinal cord is made up of different sections of bone. Each section should be supported and aligned correctly so as to provide the correct support to the back. The curvature of the spine can be divided into the following three main regions.

best mattress for back pain
  • Cervical: The C-shaped cervical spine is the top most section of the spine that supports the head and the neck.
  • Thoracic: This is the mid section of the spine that supports the upper body.
  • Lumbar: This is the C-Shaped curve at the bottom of the spine, that forms the base of the lower back.

All these three sections of the spine work together. Any abnormal pressure at any one point of the spine can cause the other sections to strain, ultimately leading to back pain.

#4 - Poor quality mattress: If you wake up in the morning with an ache in your lower back that persists until a few hours till you stretch, then surely your mattress is doing you more harm than good. Lack of support from a mattress reinforces sleep discomfort, strained muscles, misalignment of the spine-all contributing to lower back pain.

If your mattress is too firm, then it does not provide the correct support and the pressure points are too strained. On the other hand, if your mattress is too soft, it causes your body to sink in, making it difficult for you take turns. This can result in abnormal sleeping postures, as your body craves to find the correct comfort.

Moreover, if your mattress is too old, it may have developed lumps, broken edges and mid-area sagging. All these defects can cause harm to your back, leading to a long lasting ache which may eventually lead to other spine complications.​

Since, our back is the biggest support system of the body; it needs special care and support, especially during sleep-when it is intended to rest the mind and body both. So, what are some points you should consider when choosing a mattress to relieve your back pain? We have listed a few below.

Factors to consider when choosing the best Mattress for Back Pain

#1 - Physical Components of the Mattress

best mattress for back pain

When you go to buy the best mattress for back pain do a thorough study about what your mattress is made of? While a memory foam mattress having layers of gel foam or polyurethane foam provides medium firmness, you may also consider an innerspring mattress with coils underneath that supports the spine and relieves pressure points. You should first check out different types of mattresses and then compare it as per your requirements to find that perfect mattress for you.

A latex mattress with its eco-friendly quality of foam also provides good support and sustains the natural curve of the spine. Physical components of the mattress define the quality of the mattress in terms of its ability to provide support, comfort and firmness.

#2 - Support for lower back

Most of the back pain experienced by 80% of the people arises in the lower back region. Therefore, choose a mattress that offers good support to your back and aligns each section of the vertebrae to avoid creating pressure points. During the day, the lower back region carries the maximum load of the body, therefore at night it becomes even more important to provide uninterrupted rest to this section.

Support and firmness are often misconstrued as the same. However, a firm mattress does not necessarily guarantee a good support. If the mattress is too firm, you tend to float on the mattress without any support. On the other hand, if the mattress is too soft or plush, you tend to sink into the mattress, as it hugs you completely contouring your body curves.

Thus it lacks in providing the correct support. A medium firm mattress is ideal because it provides just the correct push back, while keeping the surface underneath soft.

#3 - Ideal balance of support and comfort

Comfort is as important as support. When a mattress aligns your back, it should provide adequate comfort too. Choose a mattress that provides an ideal balance of support and comfort. Side sleepers should choose a mattress which is less firm and softer, so that it supports the shoulder and hip areas. The piece of mattress should ideally soothe your worn out muscles and not create any additional pressure points.

7 Best Mattresses for Back Pain

Check out these 7 best mattresses for back pain researched especially for you.

#1 - Leesa Mattress

A high quality mattress with a complete package of memory foam and Avena foam. The 6 inch foundation layer is supported by a layer of memory foam and topped by a 2 inch layer of Avena foam. Because of this unique combination, the mattress is often referred to as the Hybrid mattress. This is one of the best mattresses for back pain.

Memory foam does give rise to ‘sleep hot’ sensation, but the coolness of the Avena foam offsets this drawback. All in all this hybrid mattress is a classic combination of support, comfort and coolness. The moderate is neutral and moderate, just perfect to align your back and support its natural curves. With minimum motion transfer and average sink age, this mattress is good for sleeping with a partner.

  • Dual layer of Avena and memory foam
  • Deep compression support
  • Moderate firmness-neither too soft nor too firm
  • Seamless outer knit fabric cover
  • Good bounce, pops up back to original shape
  • 100 days trial period
  • 10 years warranty period
  • Cannot be tried in stores, as available only online. However, the 100 days trial period offsets this drawback but only after the purchase is made.
  • Offers only one model; cannot expect different range in terms of firmness.

The Verdict

This hybrid mattress with the goodness of Avena foam and memory foam provides ideal support, firmness and comfort. However, if you are looking for a stronger support to mitigate your back pain, then perhaps it might just fall short of your expectations. With a lone model in terms of firmness, it can be disappointing for those who prefer a range of products to choose their type.​

#2 - Loom & Leaf Mattress

This ultra cool mattress by Saatva-one of the leading brands in the bedding industry is a great product which personifies innovation and comfort at an economical price. Composed of four layers, this mattress is a combination of high density support foam, loft pad, 2.5 inches of visco-elastic foam and 2 inches of cooling gel memory foam.

Covered with quilted organic cotton, it makes the mattress breathable and adds to its coolness. The mattress offers two distinct levels of firmness- luxury firm and high firmness. Thus those looking for a bedding solution to comfort their distressed spine can surely consider this product by Saatva as a good option.

  • Structured on plant based memory foam, making it eco-friendly
  • Cooling gel foam keeps excess heat at bay
  • Not too hard-not too soft, offers firm feel ideal for sleepers suffering from back pain
  • Not too hard-not too soft, offers firm feel ideal for sleepers suffering from back pain
  • High durability
  • Reasonably priced
  • 120 days trial period
  • 15 years warranty
  • Large size requires a central support
  • Initial off-gassing issues

The Verdict

A great product with exemplary support, comfort, great looks and feel. Its customized firmness to suit different sleepers is its major attraction specially for those suffering from back pain. In fact, choosing this mattress as your sleep companion can not only mitigate your back problems but also prevent them in future.

#3 - Nest Alexander Signature Series Mattress

A high quality mattress with a complete package of memory foam and Avena foam. The 6 inch foundation layer is supported by a layer of memory foam and topped by a 2 inch layer of Avena foam. Because of this unique combination, the mattress is often referred to as the Hybrid mattress.

Memory foam does give rise to ‘sleep hot’ sensation, but the coolness of the Avena foam offsets this drawback. All in all this hybrid mattress is a classic combination of support, comfort and coolness.

The moderate is neutral and moderate, just perfect to align your back and support its natural curves. With minimum motion transfer and average sink age, this mattress is good for sleeping with a partner.

  • Four layers of high quality foam for better support
  • Cool, breathable organic cover
  • Three distinct firmness levels-soft, medium and firm
  • Relieves pressure with great feel
  • No off-gassing issues
  • Decent bounce with good body contouring
  • 101 days trial period
  • 20 years warranty
  • Deep sinkage gives a warm feeling though not exactly hot.

The Verdict

This improvised product from Nest Bedding is truly a revamped version of their original product and undoubtedly any sleeper’s dream bedding. Loaded with the goodness of great support, feel and comfort, it stands as a tough competition in the international mattress industry. This is one of the best mattresses for back pain in this price range.

The mattress with its three unique firmness levels offer customized comfort to sleepers specially those troubled with sleepless nights due to back pain. The innovative and improvised outer cover of the mattress not only allows easy air flow but also adds to its aesthetic appeal.

#4 - Amerisleep Colonial Mattress

Another thick 13 inch memory foam mattress constructed of three different layers. The bottom layer is a thick 7 inch foundational layer topped with 4 inch of Surface Modification Technology foam and finally 2 inches of Bio-Pur memory foam. The blended outer fabric cover provides a good feel and firmness.

This is an extra soft mattress that not only gives a plush feeling but also takes care of the firmness and support. The extra softness does not pull you like quicksand, because the equally balanced firmness holds your spine in position. The bounce and responsiveness of the mattress is also commendable.

The Bio-Pur foam is made from cells that are subject to the process of reticulation allowing them to blow up and allow extra air to flow in. All this leads to better breathability, keeping the product cool. From an established company like Amerisleep, this is one of the finest gifts to sleepers with pressure point troubles.

  • Extra thickness provides good support and softness
  • Bio-pur foam instilled with the goodness of open, blown up cells
  • Moderate sinkage and body hugging
  • Balanced firmness
  • 90 days trial period
  • 20 years warranty
  • With extra softness, the edge support is just average

The Verdict

An awesome product from a renowned company. A true value for money in terms of softness, feel, support, firmness, body contouring and sinkage. Utterly innovating layering specially the layer of bio-pur foam which adds extra coolness to the product. A must buy for those looking for a combination of softness and an underlying feel of firmness.

#5 - Nest Bedding Alexander Hybrid Mattress

As the name suggests this ultimate piece of luxury from Alexander is a superb example of a hybrid mattress combining layers of foam and pocket coil innerspring. 7 inch of pocketed coil forms the base of the mattress followed by layers of smart gel foam, copper infused gel memory foam and a padded cover with a quilted design.

The outer cover is a blend of rayon and polyester that contributes to better cooling and breathability. The mattress comes in two variants of firmness-medium firm standing at 5.5 to 6 on the firmness scale and luxury firmness that stands at around 7.5 on the firmness scale. The bounce and responsiveness of the mattress is good, with moderate sinkage.

The Alexander Hybrid mattress is designed to suit the needs of all types of sleepers, but it is extra beneficial to sleepers with back pain because of its dual firmness variants. It not only provides good support with its pocket coil springs but also adds comfort with copper infused gel foam.

  • Combination of pocket coil innerspring and smart gel foam
  • Great support and comfort
  • Outer quilted cover gives a soft cushiony feel
  • Good edge support
  • Moderate sinkage with good body hugging and contouring
  • 101 days trial period
  • 20 years warranty
  • Some degree of motion transfer experienced by users

The Verdict

A mattress that suits the needs of a wide array of sleepers, especially those looking out for a balanced support, firmness, hug and bounce. By choosing the mattress with the correct firmness level you can rest your strained back and help it adopt to the natural curves, while relaxing every section of the vertebrae.

#6 - Novosbed Mattress

The Novosbed mattress is an 11 inch average thickness mattress with a combination of three types of foams. The foundation is made up of 7 inch support foam, followed by 2 inch of ultra dense memory foam for support and pressure relief and finally a top layer of 2 inch ultra dense memory foam for cooling and comfort.

The top layer is a combination of various fabrics like polyester, silica, modacrylic and lyocell. Traditionally, the mattress comes in a grey and white outer look that makes it look classic and suave. As a blessing for sleepers with back pain, this mattress comes in three firmness levels-soft, medium and firm. All the three firmness levels have just the perfect blend of support and comfort.

  • Offers three levels of firmness; soft, medium and firm
  • Spreads body weight evenly and relieves pressure points
  • Comes with a complimentary comfort kit to adjust softness and firmness
  • Sharp contouring
  • Reasonable price
  • 12 days trial period
  • 15 years warranty
  • Moderate body hug which is not very striking

The Verdict

It's one of the best mattress for back pain that adapts to your support and firmness requirements. With almost all firmness scales incorporated in the mattress it is good option for almost all types of sleepers.

Besides the different inbuilt firmness variations, the Comfort kit is another highlight of the product that allows users to customize their products with a personal touch. For sleepers with back pain, this is definitely a good option.

#7 - Amerisleep Revere Mattress

A thick 12 inch foam mattress, which is made up of just two basic layers. The foundation is 9 inch of bio-core foam that provides good support and deep compression.

On top is the 3 inch of bio-pur foam, that relieves pressure, cools the mattress and generates additional comfort by keeping heat away. The Revere mattress has an outer cover which is made up of celliant, spandex and polyester.

These fabrics are believed to increase blood flow, reduce pain and regulate temperature. The mattress has an overall firmness of 6-6.5 on the firmness scale which is intended to offer good support to sleepers with an agonizing back pain.

  • Medium firm mattress that suits all types of sleepers
  • Advanced layers of memory foam relieves pressure
  • Cool breathable outer cover keeps the temperature regulated
  • Moderate bounce
  • 100 days trial period
  • 20 years warranty
  • Does not respond instantly, although it is not slow either

The Verdict

With simple two layers, this foam mattress does a great job in terms of support and cooling. The sinkage is also adequate to provide you ample comfort without encasing you in the piles of foam. With a reasonable firmness beneath, it is expected to provide good support to sleepers with back pain, however it is strongly recommended to give it a trial before making the big purchase

The Bottom Line

​Though there are a dozen mattresses available for sleepers with back pain, here we have reviewed only the top 7 so as to reduce clutter and make it easier for you to make the correct choice. However, remember that there is no one mattress that comes with the loaded benefits to suit all your needs.

Moreover the selection of mattress by sleepers with back pain depends upon the severity of pain experienced and the support and firmness that reciprocates correctly with their body. With a thorough research and study about the available products and a few trials, you are sure to come find the best mattress for back pain that stretches you right and relieves you of all the strains and stresses of the day.

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