Best Mattress for Heavy People: Your guide to comforting your Plus Size

Consider working nonstop for a couple of days and depriving your body of the quintessential dose of daily sleep. While we take sleep lightly or something associated with rest and leisure, it is indeed one of the most important factors that affect our overall health and well-being. We are today going to find the best mattress for heavy people.

Investing in a good mattress is a vital decision, likely to affect many of your days and nights ahead. While the markets and online stores are flooded with varied designs and styles, it is important to identify what suits you best, especially if you are blessed with a large body type that needs extra care and comfort.

Every mattress intrinsically develops a relation with its user. It responds differently depending upon the kind of body that comes in contact with it. Heavy or obese people (those over 200 pounds) have special mattress needs considering their overall body weight, the total area covered, firmness and support provided to their body type and various other factors having implied and explicit effects.

So, if you are looking out to comfort your extra-large body type and preparing to make that big purchase, read ahead to have more clarity in choosing nothing but the best.

These are the 5 Best Mattresses for heavy people:

​5 Points to consider when choosing the best mattress for Heavy People:

#1 - Thickness of the mattress

A more than average body structure needs extra base support to comfort and sustain the weight above. Heavy users should opt for mattresses with a minimum thickness of 12 inches or more. Consider using a mattress less than this thickness and it turns flat within a few days of use. While a 10-inch mattress is the average thickness recommended for normal use, the heavy users should prefer anything that is 12 inches or more increasing the thickness in proportion to their body weight.

However, do consider the fact that the thicker the mattress, the higher it will be to climb up. Accordingly, choose a mattress that not only provides comforting layers below your skin but also fits in your bed frame perfectly, so as to give you an easy climb.

#2 - Firmness

Imagine sitting or lying down on a mattress that gives you a feel of quick sand. If your weight is higher up the scales and you choose an extra soft mattress, you will surely sink into the mattress the moment you try to sit on it, not to mention that changing sides would be another challenge.

Usually, the basic character of mattresses ranges from very soft to very firm. The idea should be to detect the ideal firmness that supports your extra body weight. The right mattress should exert no pressure on your body and rather make you feel like floating in air.

Firmness is the push-back and the immediate hug you receive from your mattress the moment you come in contact with it. It is completely subjective, depending on the relationship your body and the mattress builds with repeated contacts.

So, feel free to test and have hands on experience with a couple of mattresses at your nearest store, before choosing the perfect one. Since heavy users usually experience extra sinkage, they should prefer a mattress which stands at around 8 on the firmness scale.

#3 - Edge Support

best mattress for heavy people

While the entire surface area of the mattress is used during the night or while sleeping, during the day the most essential part is the edges where you sit. Edge of the mattress is essentially the encasement that holds the entire mattress. Heavy users should use mattresses with strong and distinct edges that prevent sagging and sinking from the extra weight.

Moreover, the edges should bounce back to the original shape after use lest it would result in one side getting thinner with overuse while the non-used side upholding its shape. Spring, coil or hybrid mattresses are the best choice for plus size users.

#4 - Sleeping hot or cold

Just like you, your mattress also breathes. This is what makes it hot or cold. However, different mattresses have different breathing capacities. A memory foam mattress restricts air flow and therefore a user experiences more hot sleep, whereas innerspring mattresses or water beds have less heat related complaints.

A heavy user usually expends more energy, especially when there is movement on the mattress, therefore they should opt for mattresses that breathe well and allow regular air flow, thereby regulating the sleep temperature.

#5 - Type of mattress

In an era where you are spoilt for choice, you can easily be left scratching your head while selecting the best product from the plethora of choices available in your desired section. Some of the most common type of mattresses that rule the market are:

best mattress for heavy people

#1 - Memory foam: Memory foam mattresses are known for spreading body weight evenly and reducing pressure points on the body. It is often a good choice for heavy people, who prefer larger sleeping area with a firm support. However, with less breathing abilities, it offers more hot sleep which can be a major area of concern with heavy mass users.

#2 - Innerspring: An innerspring mattress is a combination of coil on coil springs, foams and fibers. The foams and fibers are arranged atop the structure of coils to provide ultimate comfort. The innerspring mattresses exert a force that is equal to your body weight. It is specially recommended for those who prefer sleeping on the edges with firm support towards the center.

#3 - Latex: Latex mattresses are one of the healthiest and eco-friendliest mattresses, although the natural version is increasingly being replaced by the synthetic ones. They are basically made of latex or sap of the rubber tree which is subject to various refined processing. While they help heavy users by providing good support and regulating temperature, on the comfort scale they score poorly, compared to its counterparts. They provide good bounce, while firmly contouring the user’s body.

#4 - Hybrid: It is a well-balanced combination of innerspring and foam mattress. While capturing the benefits of innerspring coils like good bounce and breathability, it also includes a top layer of foam-memory or latex that provides a good support to the heavy users.

Now, that you have a fair idea of all the factors to consider before shopping a mattress for your larger than average size, come let us take you through a quick review of the 5 best mattresses for heavy people.

A heavy user usually expends more energy, especially when there is movement on the mattress, therefore they should opt for mattresses that breathe well and allow regular air flow, thereby regulating the sleep temperature.

5 Best Mattresses for Heavy People:

Following are the top contenders ruling the market and catering to the comfort needs of overweight customers

Review of 5 Best Mattresses for Heavy People

#1 - Resort Sleep Ultra Luxury

This medium plush to medium firm 12-inch mattress provides just the right support to your large body structure. Equipped with an 8.5-inch support base and a 2.5-inch airflow visco, it is designed to give heavy users a cloud like floating feel. 

The cooling gel memory constitution regulates temperature and makes it an ideal all weather product. The mattress comes with an attractive zip design and world class plush fabric cover. Complemented with a free memory foam pillow and 20-year warranty, it assures customers of everlasting durability. All these features combined makes it one of the best mattress for heavy people.

Cons: The manufactures do not offer a trial period. Moreover, although it comes with a long term warranty from the manufacturers, it carries no guarantee.

#2 - Sleep Innovations Skylar

This 12-inch mattress is especially designed to furnish the ventilation needs of ultra-modern sleep products. Designed in three layers, the mattress is a classic combination of comfort, apposite sleep temperature and reasonable price.

It has a fundamental 7-inch support base, which is followed by a middle layer of 2.5-inch ultra-ventilated air channel and finally on top is the 2.5 inch cooling gel foam encased in a well knitted plush luxury fabric. Aptly suiting the needs of overweight customers, the mattress provides ample surface area to large body types with a reasonable firmness. It comes in four Sizes-Full, Twin, Queen and King.

Cons: The mattress is quite firm and not ideal for those looking for plush mattresses.

#3 - Comfort Max 400 Bariatric Mattress

A bariatric mattress is an especially medically researched and expensive piece of comfort mainly designed for the extreme obese category. It has a holding capacity of up to 400 pounds and serves equally well for lightweight people.

Made up of a layer of Talalay latex at the bottom, it has a second layer of Ultra Cell High Resiliency Base foam and a luxurious Micro-Lux cover. It is available in all standard market sizes like-Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King and California King.

Cons: The mattress is pretty firm which makes it a con for some users, while others appreciate the support it provides in relieving back pain.

#4 - Serenia Sleep Quilted Sculpted

With a 4.5 rating, this modern medium firm mattress is the ideal choice of heavy and oversized sleepers. The 7-inch-high density base is mounted with 1.75-inch gel foam to provide the right bounce and cushiony feel. It is one of the best mattress for heavy people.

Next is 2 inches of sculpted gel memory foam and topped by a 2 inch of top quilted cover giving it a soft and relaxed feel. The sculpted gel memory foam is brilliantly incorporated to enhance the ventilation capabilities of the product while giving the overweight users a perfectly balanced temperature during their sleep.

Cons: Great value for money, this mattress is a complete steal even as some users complain of its firmness.

#5 - SR Red Sunrising Bedding

The most aromatic and sense appealing mattress of the entire lot. Sitting on a base of 3-inch base foam, it has a 2-inch double waved foam in the center for extra comfort and the most exceptional 3 inch of top layer filled with green tea memory foam, giving users an aromatic experience every time they bring their heads close to its surface.

It not only soothes the senses but also provides considerable relief in back pains and other shoulder and waist disorders. It comes with a 10-year warranty and 180-day trial period.

Cons: The mattress is un-adjustable, which means that it fits into standard bed frames only.

The Bottom Line

While you can be swept away by countless choices in the market when shopping for a comfort product like a mattress, remember that it is a long term investment which shall at least last for 8-10 years or even more. Therefore, think wisely and ponder over the various factors that need reasonable consideration before making the plunge.

This guided review aims at emphasizing that while comfort is the cornerstone of your choice in picking the right mattress, remember that durability, support and ventilation capabilities of the product also matter specially when it is aimed for a heavy weight user.

Moreover, minor factors like edge support also needs your considerable thought as you would not want your mattress to sag at one end and remain bouncy at the other end. A good mattress purchase should not only take care of your health issues like sore shoulder, stiff joints and back pains, but also offer therapeutic resolution to enhance overall health and well-being.

The above reviews and guidelines is aimed at finding the best mattress for heavy people and also to provide the larger and plus sized customers a comprehensive idea about the various products available in the market that categorically cater to their specific needs- both in terms of usage and the price paid for their comfort purchase. Remember, a well-researched purchase gives you the best value for your money!

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