Best Memory Foam Mattresses: Fluff and Tough

Think of bed and the first idea that crosses your mind is something soft, plush and gentle that embraces you with unconditional care and comfort. Something on which you can throw your weight around and which simply hugs you without retaliating. And to name this perfect idea, the first word that comes to mind is the best Memory Foam Mattresses…our ultimate and most tried and tested choice for comfort.

What is a Memory Foam Mattress?

Memory foam mattresses are made of a substance called visco-elastic. This substance adds density to your foam mattress. Memory soft in character is a soft and heat resistant material made of polyurethane which again adds to its density. Because of its composition, it has the ability to regain or come back to its original shape after pressure has been removed from it.

Why are Memory Foam Mattresses so popular?

Memory Foam mattresses occupy the first choice in the mattress industry. This popularity is largely driven by the various features that such mattresses display. Some of the popular features are:

  • Known for body hugging and contouring, thereby increasing comfort.
  • Reduces pressure points and blood circulation.
  • Lightweight and easy to carry.
  • Offers good support with reasonable firmness.
  • Like our memory cells that recollect; memory foam mattresses regain shape quickly.
  • Distributes weight evenly to support the neck, head, shoulders, hips, waist, knees and legs.
  • It is temperature sensitive, therefore softness varies with temperature.

What factors to consider when choosing the best Memory Foam Mattress?

Going by the popularity charts, memory foam is undoubtedly the choice of the masses, but when going to buy your piece, do not be guided by the masses, know your stuff thoroughly.

Here we present to you the 5 most important factors to consider when picking a memory foam bedding piece.

#1 Memory Foam types: Memory foam basically means a polyurethane foam with visco-elastic features to enhance its density. Going further deep-memory foam can be either traditional memory foam, open cell memory foam with tiny air pockets or gel memory foam where tiny beads of gel are infused into the foam to enhance its cooling capabilities.

#2 Density: Density refers to the weight of the mattress in pounds. Low density memory foam mattresses are light weight, cheaper and do not trap heat easily. But they not offer good support and are likely to sink quickly. On the other hand, high density foam mattresses are heavy but they offer good support and last longer.

#3 Firmness: Memory foam mattresses respond to firmness in relation to temperature. In cool temperatures they are more firm, while in warmer temperatures they tend to be softer.

#4 Sleep position and Body type: Of course this is an important factor that every buyer should consider and evaluate. Buy a memory foam mattress with the correct thickness in correlation to your body type-i.e whether you are a heavy sleeper, average or light sleeper. Also consider your sleeping position-back, stomach or side sleeping.

#5 Ancillary factors: While you focus on the composition and use, do not forget to read the fine print that talks about warranty period, trial period, its customer support services, the brand reputation and of course ultimately the price that suits your pocket.

Top 7 Best Memory Foam Mattresses

Let us see the top contenders running in the race for Best Memory Foam Mattresses.





Loom & Leaf by SAATVA

Moderate hug/ decent contouring. Available in medium and firm feel



Modern feel/ good hug and contouring, available in different firmness levels


Alexander Signature Series by Nest Bedding

High density foam, quilted cover, moderate hug/contouring, available in soft, medium and firm



High density foam, slow response, good hug and contouring in soft, medium and firm



Traditional feel, slow response, available in soft, medium and firm feel



High quality foam, slow response, available in different firmness levels


LAYLA Foam Mattress

4 Layered high dense foam with cooling cell technology and flappable sides


Now let's review each of these mattresses in detail.

#1 - Loom & Leaf Mattress

best memory foam mattress

Think of mattress…think of SAATVA. Loom & Leaf mattress is a new addition in SAATVA’s collection. It is a classic combination of all the three types of foam mattresses-traditional memory foam, air-cooled memory foam and gel memory foam. Such a great combination makes the mattress cool, comfortable and super supportive.

Inspired by the company’s name ‘SAATVA’ which essentially means ‘balance’ in Sanskrit language, this new introduction offers a perfect balance of comfort and support. The plant-based memory foam not only makes the mattress eco-friendly but also helps in relieving the pressure areas. Moreover, the cooling gel layer acts as a heat resistant and supports air ventilation and regulating temperature.

The best feature of the mattress is that it comes in two major firmness variants-medium and hard. The medium firm mattress is specially designed for side sleepers who frequently change sides. It offers a feel that is neither too soft nor too hard. The mattress does not allow you to fully sink in, embracing the contours of your body and molding accordingly. With a 12 inch thickness, it offers its users reasonable support and is not subject to quick sagging, especially at the edges.

The extra thickness also adds to its durability and has an average life span of 10-15 years. It has an organic covering which also adds to its coolness and soft and silky feel. The mattress comes in all standard dimensions like-Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King and California King. All in all, it provides a good value for money in comparison to other contenders in the market.

  • Four layered premium quality components
  • Remarkable cooling properties with a cooling gel layer
  • Organic, breathable cover which adds to the style quotient
  • Odor less
  • Offers dual firmness support-medium & hard
  • Lasting durability
  • Surprisingly low cost, compared to similar premium products in this segment
  • 120 days trial period with full refund
  • 15 years warranty
  • Large sizes require central support to perform well

Our Verdict

If you love foam, you will love this mattress. However, it does not suit all sleepers alike. With a high density foam base, it has some cooling issues although the same has been controlled by the organic outer cover to some extent. It is perfect for couples, as it scores exceptionally well on motion isolation. So if you are looking out for the best memory foam based mattress, keep this high on your shortlisted pieces.

#2 - AMERISLEEP Mattress

Another foam product with a modern feel that is high in demand. It is one of the most popular memory foam mattresses. This high performance 12 inch mattress is constructed of three distinct foam layers. The bottom layer is 7 inch support foam, on which sits the middle layer basically composed of the transition foam that provides the adequate support to the side sleeper. The top layer is 3 inch bio-pur memory foam, that not only provides pressure relief but also facilitates ventilation through air flow.

The three layered liberty mattress is encased in a unique cover which is a perfect blend of spandex and polyester. Some designs of the liberty mattress also contain botanical oils which appeal to those sleepers who prefer ‘greener’ or eco-friendly stuff in their living space. AMERISLEEP users usually paint a positive picture of the product in terms of support and comfort. Considering the three layered composition, it is a preferred option for sleepers who look for moderate firmness to align their back and joints.

  • Good support with moderate firmness
  • Heat resistant
  • Eco-friendly with plant based composition and use of botanical oils
  • Breathable thin cover
  • Good responsive bounce
  • Creates excellent pressure reliefs on joints
  • 20 years warranty and 100 days trial period
  • Reasonably priced
  • Sinkage results vary with body weight
  • Some users complain of too much firmness

Our Verdict

This reasonably priced foam mattress could impress you with its strong support and comfort levels. If you are a sleeper who prefers a firm base to sleep while keeping the feel of a traditional foam mattress, then this could be your perfect choice. However, do use the trial period days to judge whether this is the ultimate product that guarantees you a sound and restful sleep or not.

#3 - Alexander Signature Series Mattress by NEST

Searching for best memory foam mattress that has the best combination of different foams to give you ultimate sleep, your search ends here with the Alexander Signature Series Mattress by NEST.

This thick 13 inch mattress is a supreme combination of comfort, support, firmness, feel, bounce and responsiveness. The four layers are a combination of base foam, transition foam, visco foam and gel memory foam. The soft quilted cotton cover adds uniqueness to the mattress by infusing an element of coolness and breathability into the piece of comfort. The cool cover also modulates temperature and avoids heat retention.

The most striking feature of the mattress is that it comes in three distinct firmness levels-soft, medium and firm. The mattress also scores high in terms of hug, sinkage and warm body contouring. For sleepers with back pain, it is a good option, as they get to choose a firmness for their back as per the acuteness of pain that they suffer. So assess your body type and pick the correct firmness mattress that relieves all your strained muscles and nerves.

  • Four layers of high quality foam for better support
  • Cool, breathable organic cover
  • Three distinct firmness levels-soft, medium and firm
  • Relieves pressure with great feel
  • No off-gassing issues
  • Decent bounce with good body contouring
  • 101 days trial period
  • 20 years warranty
  • Deep sinkage gives a warm feeling though not exactly hot.

Our Verdict

This improvised product from Nest Bedding is truly a revamped version of their original product and undoubtedly any sleeper’s dream bedding. Loaded with the goodness of great support, feel and comfort, it stands as a tough competition in the international mattress industry.

The innovative and improvised outer cover of the mattress not only allows easy air flow but also adds to its aesthetic appeal. With three distinct firmness levels, the mattress can surely win any sleeper’s heart who is looking for support with a touch of softness.

#4 - NOVOSBED Mattress

best memory foam mattresses

If your dream mattress is a conventional foam mattress infused with the best quality cooling properties, then NOVOSBED foam mattress is what you are searching for.

Made of 3 composite layers of foam, this mattress provides the correct mix of softness, firmness and support. Let us quickly take you through its structure.

The foundation layer is made up of 7 inch of premium support foam that gives support and shape to the bedding piece. On top of this is the 2 inch of ultra dense memory foam. This part of the mattress adds that extra bounce and hugs your body contours when you hug the mattress. The top layer is 2 inch of ultra dense air flow memory foam which is actually infused with the cooling properties, allowing heat to pass through it and keeping the product cool.

The entire three layered mattress comes wrapped in a stretchable cotton cover that adds to the aesthetic appeal of the mattress. The mattress further offers customization to different types of sleepers in terms of firm, medium and soft firmness for different sleepers-back, side and stomach sleepers.

  • Three layered foam mattress with cooling properties
  • No off gassing issues
  • Easy stretchable and removable cover that can be unzipped and cleaned
  • Relatively cool foam mattress that reduces instances of hot sleep
  • Three distinct firmness levels to suit different types of sleepers
  • Edge support found unsatisfactory by some users
  • Uneasy to move around

Our Verdict

If you are a fine sleeper who can detect every level of change in the firmness of a mattress, then this piece by NOVOSBED is made for you. The mattress comes in almost all levels of firmness to please the most demanding sleepers as well. With a reasonable hug and sinkage, it a comfortable mattress in the convention foam industry and can surely be given a try considering its normal price range.

#5 - Dream Foam Bedding Ultimate Dreams Mattress

A great piece of craftsmanship, executing a benchmark of excellence in terms of firmness, support, comfort and quality. An ideal choice for your kid’s bed. After a long day in school and sports, if your child feels exhausted by night, then put him on this ultra comfortable mattress that provides optimum firmness to calm his growing muscles that are tired and strained by a heavy day of toiling.

With a beautiful and extra soft quilted cover, you do not have to worry about changing bed sheets every week, as it gives a supreme feel of outer layering with great softness and touch. Made without any harmful chemicals and heavy metals, this product wins the CertiPUR US certification, giving you more confidence to bank upon this product.

This twin sized mattress is best suited for kids, but if you plan to tuck in with your kid, then it might just fall short for your length. Although perfectly suited for kids, this mattress also serves well the sleeping needs of adults who wish to sleep healthy and safe from allergens.

  • Good firmness with ideal body contouring
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Ultra soft quilted outer cover
  • No off gassing issues
  • 10 years warranty period
  • Users find it more soft than firm
  • Foam susceptible to sagging

Our Verdict

Looking for comfort and firmness in the same mattress? Your search ends here with this super cool mattress that chips in a bit of all the good qualities. With a 4.5 star rating, you couldn’t have asked for more. A decently priced product, it offers all the comforts a growing child can demand during sleep hours. Built with completely health friendly products, this mattress is not only a good choice for growing kids but for adults looking for a healthy and safe sleep.

#6 - TEMPUR-PEDIC Mattress

Making its entry in the foam mattress industry in the 1990s, the TEMPUR-PEDIC Mattresses are today a well known name and brand in this segment of sleep market. The company claims that the Tempur-pedic foam mattresses are different from their counterparts in terms of composition that makes it more resilient as compared to other mattresses.

It comes in three different sub brands- Tempur Contour Collection, Tempur HD Collection and the Tempur Cloud Collection. The products in the Temper Contour collection are the firmest while those in the cloud collection are the softest. Beds in the Tempur HD collection evenly spread the weight of the body giving a more balanced and moderate feel.

No doubt the mattresses are heavily prices but with its range of customized products to suit different sleeping needs, it is most likely to attract customers who treat sleep and its accessories as a luxury.

  • High in durability and denseness
  • Reasonable body hug and contouring
  • Improves circulation by evenly spreading the weight of the body
  • Provides good alignment to the spine
  • Relieves pressure points
  • Retains body heat especially during warm weather
  • Chemical smell emitted especially on unpacking
  • Prices are too high

Our Verdict

No doubt the Tempur-Pedic foam mattresses bring in a fresh wave of composition and feel into the rather traditional and typecast foam industry, but the fact is that its high cost is the main deterrent that may discourage most users from picking up this mattress.

The qualities and its segmentation into different varieties of Tempur-pedic foam can actually be commented only after a detailed use. But if you are a high end user who is ready to shell out some extra bucks for your ultimate piece of comfort, then do not hold yourself back. Go out and experience this indulgence!

#7 - Layla Mattress

Layla presents to you the super cool two in one foam mattress that is a true combination of soft and firm. With its flip feature (one side is soft and one side is firm), you can experience both the soft and firm comfort to suit your needs.

Designed by two tech savvy brothers, Layla is climbing the popularity chart, because each of its products is a combination of pure technology and craftsmanship. The mattress has four inch high density memory foam infused with copper cell technology.

The copper cell technology is often used in knee caps and medicated socks and is believed to have therapeutic effects on our body. It not only acts improves blood circulation but also acts as a thermal conductor, transferring heat from your body to the mattress and the room’s atmosphere, thereby resulting in a cooling sensation.

  • Mattress can be flipped to experience both the soft and firm sides
  • Copper cell technology that accentuates blood circulation
  • 6 inch high density convoluted foam base
  • Scores well in motion isolation
  • High durability
  • 120 day trial period
  • 10 year warranty
  • The mattress cover is single sided, so with every flip it needs to be removed and zipped back
  • Initial odor during early days of use

Our Verdict

Making an advent in the foam industry, Layla is picking up well and is set to rise the charts soon. The double side usability coupled with copper cell thermo technology does make it an attractive buy, however check out the company credibility as it is a relatively new company making ground in the mattress industry

The Bottom Line

Born in the 1970s and popularized in the 1990s, memory foam mattresses are synonymous to general mattresses in every household. Known for their great response bounce, body hug and contouring, this is one piece of comfort that truly hugs you just the way you do it after a tired and stressful day.

Best known to relieve pressure points and relieve the nerves, foam mattresses of today are available in different firmness levels-soft, medium and firm to cater to different types of sleepers and their sleeping needs. Over the years, this segment of the mattress industry has grown by leaps and bounds and Tempur-Pedic foam mattresses are a beaming example of the same.

In this review we bring you close to the best memory foam mattresses available in the market giving you close insights into the good, the bad and even the ugly. With a detailed review in hand and the requisite trial periods to test your products, we believe that you can do a fairly good job in choosing the correct piece of fluff and tough for your body and the bedding frame. Good luck shopping!

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