Casper Mattress Review: The Perfect Crossbreed

Think premium…think of Casper mattress. An ultimate quality mattress with three distinct layers of top latex foam, high density foam and regular memory foam.

A product coming from a relatively new company, the Casper mattress stands out in terms of quality, feel and comfort. However, with several other companies offering tough competition, the mattress surely has to perform beyond excellence to prove its worth.

A mattress that is escalating the popularity charts pretty fast, it is likely to impress even the above average customers with its high end comfort and appeal.

Let us see the pros and cons that sets it apart from other mattresses in the market.


  • Hybrid mattress made of three distinct layers of foam
  • Medium firm mattress that suits almost all sleepers
  • Allows cool sleep because of top latex layer
  • 10 years warranty
  • High durability
  • Comes in all standard sizes
  • Affordable pricing


  • Slight odor on unpacking
  • Only one model available in terms if firmness

No doubt the structuring of the mattress is impressive but let us dive into the casper mattress review.

Now let's Start Our Casper Mattress Review


casper Mattress review

A hybrid mattress with triple layers of latex foam, high density foam and memory foam to form the ideal combination of comfort and support. The mattress provides stability, sleeps cool, gives support and is supremely comforting.

  • The top layer comprises of 1.2 inches of latex foam that provides good comfort and cooling. The material is known to increase the breathability of sleep product and avoid instances of hot sleep.
  • The middle layer is consists of 1.8 inch of support foam. This layer gives comfort and support to the sleeper, contouring his body curves and relieving pressure points.
  • The third or the bottom layer forms the foundation of the mattress and is made of 7 inches of high density memory foam that forms the base of the mattress and supports the entire structure.
  • Cover: The Casper mattress comes encased in a simple stretchy thin cotton cover which is pretty porous allowing air ventilation and keeping the mattress super cool even in warm weather.

Overall this 10 inch mattress offers a good combination of latex and memory foam that is a proven combination in sleep products and is known to yield good results.

How does the mattress feel: Firmness & Support

A mattress designed to suit sleepers in all categories, the Casper mattress is built in the medium firm category with a firmness of around 6 on the firmness scale. However, it may not please the heavy sleepers or side sleepers who prefer to keep their mattress a lit more firm than the average.

The mattress is known to spread the weight of the sleeper well and align with the natural curves of the body.

However, while its one model firmness may not impress some sleepers, yet its feel is indeed impressive. It does not give the sleepers, the quicksand feel and you can feel the mattress contouring your body rather you hugging the piece of foam.

Sinkage and Motion Transfer

Here comes a detailed sinkage test done based on the feedback of hundreds of users of Casper mattresses. The casper mattress review is based on the feedback of hundreds of users. Let us see how they rate this product in terms of pressure intake and its capacity to bounce back. The tests were conducted at different sleeping positions to give a better insight into its sinkage capabilities.

  • If you lie on your back, the weight spreads evenly on the mattress and it scores around 2.5 inches here.
  • When sleeping on the sides, the body weight shifts to one side and there is greater sinkage. Casper shows a 3.5 inch sinkage when sleepers slept on their sides.
  • Casper scores fairly well with edge support. Sit casually near the edge and it reflects a decent sinkage of 4 inches, while when you shift to the absolute rim of the edge the sinkage increases to 5 inches.
  • Stand on the mattress in the middle to assess its one point sinkage. Of course when you thrust all your weight at one point, the sinkage increases to about 6 inches.

Sleeping with your partner who turns and twists in bed….gift him the Casper foam mattress and say goodbye to those annoying cranky sounds. Yes, the Casper mattress scores well in terms of motion isolation by absorbing most of the movements in bed and allowing undisturbed sleep to both the partners.

Added Perks: Warranty and Trial Period

The Casper mattress comes with a 10 years of warranty for any defects in the product, either in construction or manufacturing.

The company has a good return policy, where they give you a 100 days trial period. So you can sleep, sit, check and be 100 percent sure before accepting or rejecting the product. In case you wish to return the product, the complete cost is refunded and they arrange to send someone to pick the stuff from your door.

Moreover, the returned mattresses are either donated to a local charity or recycled as per accepted norms. Thus in any case the company intends to benefit the society-either through customer service or charity.

Bring Home Incentives: Pricing and Shipping

casper mattress review

The company cuts down all unnecessary costs and transfers the benefits to its customers by offering an affordable mattress that comfortably fits in your budget as much as it does on your bed frame.

The shipping of the product is pretty simple. Like any other online product, it is delivered to your doorstep within 3-5 days of placing the order. The product comes neatly packed in a box casing with all necessary instructions cited on it for the users.


Let us see face some Frequently Asked Questions on Casper Mattress.

Q: Does the mattress heat up when sleeping?

Ans: No doubt memory foam mattresses have a reputation of trapping heat, but the super top layer of latex foam offsets this phenomenon by allowing proper air ventilation and offering cool sleep. In fact no instance of hot sleep has been reported so far.

Q.: What sizes are available in the Casper mattress?

Ans: The Casper mattress comes in six standard sizes- Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King and California King size.

Q. Does the mattress smell when new?

Ans: Very few instances of odor or off gassing has been reported in the Casper mattress. However, if you experience that it is basically because of the manufacturing or packing process that contributes to that unpleasant odor. Keep the windows of the room where you unpack the new mattress open and the odor is most like to be negligible within a few hours of unpacking.

Q. How long will the Casper mattress last?

Ans: The Casper mattress lasts for about 5-10 years if properly used and handled. Moreover it comes with an impressive 10 year warranty that adds to the durability and stability of the product.

Q. What do we do for the maintenance of the Casper mattress?

Ans: It is recommended that you rotate your Casper mattress every six months especially if there is weight difference in the sleepers that use the mattress. Flipping the mattress is not to be done, as only the top layer has latex foam and not the bottom layer.

Also, as latex is a delicate material, it is advisable that you use a water resistant mattress protector to avoid spills being absorbed by the foam, In case of a stain, use a damp cloth to remove it immediately. Do not machine wash the cover of the mattress, as it may damage its shape and texture.

Q. What is the weight of the Casper mattress?

Ans: The Queen sized Casper mattress weighs around 70 pounds when unpacked and 80 pounds when in the box, which is pretty reasonable weight considering its triple layering.

Our Verdict

If you are lover of latex foam or prefer hybrid products rather that a single plain vanilla flavor, then this product is designed to please you. While the triple layering reassures better comfort and support, the top latex layer is the major contributor to the product’s performance. It enhances its support quotient while adding additional coolness in more than one ways.

While Casper was one of the first companies to introduce this combination in the online world of mattresses, today there are multiple companies that offer similar combinations with increased performance and lowered price tags. Casper thus has to face tough competition.

On the whole, an above average product from Casper that is expected to touch better heights in performance in the coming years especially if it wants to survive the onslaught of online competition. Hope you found our casper mattress review helpful.

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