Cocoon Mattress Review: Classic and Chill

One of the most renowned mattress industries - the Sealy officially called the Tempur Sealy International Inc. has joined the bed in a box idea of marketing by introducing its new product the Cocoon mattress.

The Cocoon mattress is a supreme product innovated by Sealy based on scientific research and superior craftsmanship. The mattress comes in two versions-the soft and the firm.

The soft Cocoon mattress has three layers made of memory, poly and base foam all combined to give extra comfort, support and restful sleep.

The firm variant is made of two layers of foam and is designed to relieve your pressure areas and create a deep compression to enhance the comfort level.

The mattress is shipped directly from the manufacturer to your home, so you have to try it, before announcing your verdict.

To help you take this decisive plunge, we help you with this detailed Cocoon mattress review that shall give you deeper insights into the quality of the mattress.

Let us first see the pros and cons of the Cocoon Mattress review.


  • Two firmness options-soft and firm
  • Two cover options
  • Edge support is fairly good
  • 100 day trial period with full refund
  • 10 years warranty


  • Slight off gassing on unpacking
  • Low in bounce

Let us get deeper into Cocoon mattress review.

Now let's Start Our Cocoon Mattress Review

Construction of the two variants

coccon Mattress review

As discussed above, the mattress comes in two variants the soft and the firm. Both the variants have their own compositions and layering.

Soft Cocoon: The soft Cocoon mattress is made up of three layers. They are aligned as below:

  • The top layer comprises of 2 inches of memory foam which gives added support and comfort to the mattress.
  • The second layer consists of 2 inches of transitional memory foam that gives the much needed support and gives the moderate transition from the memory foam of the top layer to the support base.
  • The bottom layer is the 6 inch of support foam which provides a base to the mattress and gives it a rock solid foundation.

Firm Cocoon: The firm version of the mattress is made of two distinct layers.

  • The top layer comprises of 2 inches of memory foam similar as in the soft version, which gives added support and comfort to the mattress and relieves the pressure points.
  • The bottom layer if made of 8 inch of base foam that provides support and base to the mattress.

Cover: Like the mattress, the cover of the Cocoon mattress comes in two variants-the Classic and the Cool. The Classic variant is simple, made of a combination of cotton and polyester which is thin, stretchable and airy, making the mattress breathable. The Chill variant is bit interesting. It is developed on the phase change technology.

This means that it absorbs the body heat of the sleeper and changes from cold to warm or vice versa depending upon the temperature of the sleeper. Thus it acts as a thermal regulator. However, it is designed to be soft, thin and stretchable, making the mattress breathable.

Firmness and Support

With two firmness variants, the Cocoon mattress intends to attract all kinds of sleepers. The soft firm mattress has a firmness score of 6 on the scale, while the firm variant has a score of 8 on the firmness scale. In both cases, users appreciated the feel and support extended by the mattress. It relieves the pressure areas, increasing support and adding comfort to the natural curves of the body.

With the impressive support and deep compression, the mattress scores well in terms of feel.

Bounce, Sink and Motion Transfer

The facts stated in this Cocoon mattress review is based on the usage of hundreds of users. The bounce of the mattress is just average, considering the thin layer of memory foam used in both variants. It is suggested that a slightly thick layer of foam at the top could do wonders in terms of response and bounce.

The sinkage of the Cocoon mattress just matches the expectation from this thin mattress. In back sleeping position the sinkage recorded was about 2 inches on the soft version and 1 inch on the firm version. Turning to the sides, the sinkage increased slightly and was a moderate 3 inches on the soft and 2 inches on the firm.

No doubt, in the centre of the mattress the sinkage was the highest with about 5.5 inches deep.

Regarding motion transfer, there isn’t much to complain as both the variants of the Cocoon mattress pass the test fairly well. The movements and vibrations are restricted or rather absorbed by the high base foam and not transmitted to the other ends, making it perfect for partners sharing the mattress.

Return Policy

cocoon mattress review

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The company extends a warranty of 10 years for defects related to manufacturing only and not those arising out of misuse. The defects on being brought to notice, are either corrected or the mattress is replaced with a brand new one.

The Cocoon mattress also comes with a 100 days trial period, where you can check the appropriateness of the mattress. Since the mattress is available only online, therefore, it is imperative for the users to try the mattress and be content with its performance before making the final decision of keeping or returning it.

Cost and Shipping

Being completely made and manufactured in the US, the shipping is absolutely free and arrives at your doorstep within 7 days of placing the order.

The mattress is very moderately priced and comes in all standard sizes, price range starting from $400 to $1200 which fits the budget of most of the sleepers intending to make a new purchase.


Let us see face some Frequently Asked Questions on the Cocoon mattress.

Q: Does the mattress heat up when sleeping?

Ans: No, the mattress does not heat up. The soft version of the Cocoon mattress has a thin stretchable cover which keeps it cool, while the firm version comes with a phase change cover which regulates temperature as per the body heat of the sleeper.

Q.: What sizes are available in the Cocoon mattress?

Ans: The Cocoon Sleep mattress comes in six standard sizes- Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King and California King. It also comes in two distinct firmness levels-soft and firm.

Q. Which version is best suited for the side sleepers?

Ans: While both the soft and firm version of the Cocoon mattress score well with side sleepers, we would still recommend the soft version for better comfort.

Q. Does the cocoon mattress smell when unpacked?

Ans: Yes, slight odor is reported on unpacking the Cocoon mattress but the same can be got rid off, by keeping the windows open while unpacking the mattress.

Our Verdict

Sealy is a reputed name in the mattress industry which has been proving its mettle for the last ten decades or so and true to its reputation, it has come out with an innovative product that pleases most sleepers.

The bed out of box mattress as presented by Sealy in the shape of Cocoon is a treat for sleepers who like it either soft or firm and not something of a mix. Yes…the product comes in two variants-the super soft and the fairly firm and also with two distinct covers that makes up the USP of the product.

The phase change cover popularly called the Chill cover is creating waves in the foam mattress segment, with its unique thermal regulation technology.

Other than this both the mattresses come with a basic composition of memory foam, transitional poly foam and support foam which does not really make it stand out from its contemporaries. Considering other foam products in the market, Cocoon is surely set to face tough competition, only if it can pull it off with its Classic and Chill covers which make it stand apart from the crowd.

Hope you found this Cocoon Matt​ress review helpful.

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