Helix Sleep Mattress Review: Made Just For You

If you like it personal and you like it custom made… then Helix Sleep brings you this ultra customized product that is crafted to give a personal touch to your sleep experience. We have created this helix sleep mattress review to help you decide if this mattress if really good for you or not.

The idea initiated by an online mattress company has gained ground and becoming increasingly popular, where customers are requested to fill in an online questionnaire stating their expectations of a dream mattress. Then according to the demand, the mattress undergoes customization.

The company believes that a one size mattress does not fit in all and therefore, it proposes to have a custom made size, based on your specifications. It also offers to have different top layering for the two sleepers sharing the mattress. From material to size to layering…everything custom made to fit in your bed frame and your demands… truly unique concept from Helix Sleep.

Let us see the pros and cons in our Helix sleep mattress review.


  • Fully customized for ultimate comfort
  • Firmness based on user specifications
  • Combination of foam and coils usually used to lay the basic structure
  • Ensures complete motion isolation
  • Almost odorless
  • High durability
  • 100 day trial period with full refund
  • 10 years warranty


  • Warranty period expected to be longer by customers

Let us get deeper and start our Helix Sleep Mattress review to discuss the features of the mattress that makes it so promising. 

Now let's Start Our Helix Sleep Mattress Review

Bespoke Construction

helix sleep mattress review

Though the Helix mattress is customized to suit customer preferences, yet it carries a basic structure to which the alterations are made. It is essentially a 10 inch thick mattress with a combination of poly foam and inner coils. It is made up of almost 4 layers, whose design is as below:

  • The top layer comprises of 2 inches of responsive poly foam designed by Helix and called the Helix Dynamic Foam. The foam comes with varying firmness levels. Like the latex foam it is known for good bounce, response and cooling properties.
  • The second layer consists of 2.4 inches of micro-coils. There are more than 1300 individual coils in this layer that provide the combine effect of good support and bounce. They also help in relieving pressure areas and increasing comfort.
  • The third layer is 2 inch of poly foam that basically acts as the support layer and provides additional support and deep compression.
  • The bottom layer is the 4 inch of high density support foam which provides a base to the mattress and gives it a rock solid foundation.
  • Cover: The Helix mattress cover is the perfect topping on the cake. The cover is made of 100 percent polyester, has a super soft feel and an aesthetic appeal to it. The top of the cover has a checkered white pattern while the edges are blue paneled. The thinness of the cover adds to its breathability and allows gentle air flow.

Firmness and Support

As it is a made to order product, it is difficult to comment on its firmness or feel. The Helix Sleep questionnaire reviews customers on ample areas so as to draw the most accurate deductions and customize the product accordingly. The questions may ask you about your height, weight, age, body type, sleep patterns, position, firmness preference, cooling needs and any other medical issues related to sleep.

Based on this data, the best firmness is recommended by their experts. Generally their firmness scale is wide enough to provide a super soft mattress with point 3 firmness only or a special hard firmness which may go up to 9 on the point scale.

Blended and Split Mattress Customization

As mentioned earlier, Helix sleep offers to customize the top layer of the mattress to suit the sleeping needs of both the sleeping partners. This is done in two ways. The blended approach where the recommendations of both the sleepers are taken into account and an average quality is achieved which satisfies both.

In the split customization, two separate mattresses are design taking into account the specifications of both the sleepers and in the last stage of construction, they are seamlessly amalgamated into a single piece.

Sinkage, Response and Motion Transfer

Being a custom made product the sinkage of the mattress varies with the specific design and alterations adopted for each mattress. On the whole considering the usage of inner coils, the mattress offers decent sinkage with good response and impressive contouring.

The Helix mattress comes with super motion isolation features, such that any movements or vibrations generated on one side of the bed are never transformed to the other end. So, each of the partner can enjoy undisturbed sleep without worrying about the twists and turns, your sleeping positions and all the creaky sounds usually made in coil spring mattresses.

Warranty and Trial Period

helix sleep mattress review

The company offers a specific warranty of 10 years for defects related to manufacturing only and not those arising out of misuse. However, considering the pampering received by customers in terms of product design, they expect a longer warranty from the company to match their personalized product.

The Helix sleep mattress also comes with a 100 days trial period, where you can check the appropriateness of the mattress. Usually tailor made, yet there may be scope for error or mis-judgment, forcing you to return the product. In that instance the entire cost of the product is refunded to the customers. The returned mattresses are either given away to a local charity or recycled through a local contractor.


The Helix Sleep mattress is fairly priced ranging from $600 to $1200. Moreover, the company offers easy financing options where the price may be broken down into easy installments which are evenly spaced not burning a hole in your pocket in one go.

Being a made to order product the mattress is shipped to your mailing address between 7-15 days of placing the order.


Let us see face some Frequently Asked Questions on the Helix Sleep mattress.

Q: Does the mattress heat up when sleeping?

Ans: The mattress generally comes with a thin cover that keeps the mattress cool. Besides this it also has a temperature regulation option which keeps it fro mild to cold on the temperature scale. Though there are other types of mattress that may heat, but this ain't one of them.

Q.: What sizes are available in the Helix mattress and what is its height?

Ans: The Helix Sleep mattress comes in six standard sizes- Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King and California King size. For all the sizes the standard height is 10 inches.

Q. Does the mattress smell when new?

Ans: The off gassing of the Helix mattress is almost zero.

Q. How long will the Helix mattress last?

Ans: The Helix mattress is basically an assembled product based on customer demands. The manufacturing components are all made in the US and as a whole the mattress is expected to last more than the conventional mattresses.

Q. What do we do for the maintenance of the Helix mattress?

Ans: Only spot cleaning for the stains is recommended. Soaking or wetting the mattress is not advised.

Q. Does it need a bed frame or foundation?

Ans: For optimum benefit of the product, it is recommended to use a flat and stable base for the mattress. Box springs are not advised as a foundation, as they tend to offer an uneven base.

Our Verdict

If you share your bed with a partner who has very different sleep needs than you and you do not want to shift to the recliner and spend your nights there, then go for the Helix Sleep mattress that shall satisfy you and your partner in providing a customized product.

I a day an age where everything comes tailor made then why not your sleep solution. Get your mattress crafted by experts based on your requirements and without spending a fortune.

A perfect sleep solution that customizes mattress length, composition, firmness, comfort, feel and support to satisfy even the most demanding sleepers.

With such personalized customization, use the Helix mattress as an anniversary gift to please your better half and impress him/her with all little specifications which they have often talked about in bed with you.

Ultimate comfort just Made for You! Hope you found this Helix Sleep Mattress Review fruitful.

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