Leesa Mattress Review: Double Foam Comfort

Leesa mattress is the new talk of the town, especially in the foam mattress segment. To know a true and thorough Leesa mattress review, all you need to do is talk to a Leesa mattress user and you will surely end up buying the product.

Yes, indeed the company has a huge base of loyal customers who stand by its quality, support, feel, comfort and extraordinary design that promotes a cool sleeping solution despite being a foam mattress to the core.

The combination of Avena foam, which is a good and economical alternate to latex foam along with memory foam and encased in a cool ultra thin cover offer the best value for your purchase and the best sleep that a foam mattress could offer.


  • Direct to home delivery as available only online
  • Great combination of Avena foam and memory foam
  • Good support
  • No heat retention
  • Good motion isolation
  • Affordable pricing


  • Cannot be tried in stores, as available only online. However, the 100 day trial period offsets this drawback but only after the purchase is made.
  • Offers only one model; cannot expect different range in terms of firmness.


Impressed by this hybrid mattress that is making quick additions to its base of happy customers…then what are you waiting for? Read our exclusive in depth Leesa mattress review and join the club of Leesa sleepers soon.

Now let's Start Our Leesa Mattress Review


leesa mattress review

The Leesa mattress boasts of foam and pure foam. Yes…built on three layers of foam it combines them in increasing class and quality. Let’s check out its construction and composition.

  • The top layer comprises of 2 inches of Avena foam which is very close to the superior quality latex foam in feel, comfort and cooling properties but a step ahead in durability. It maintains the cool temperature of the mattress and facilitates heat dissipation.
  • The middle layer is 2 inch of memory foam that serves the traditional purpose of support, bounce, comfort and gives a definite shape to the mattress. It also plays a crucial role in relieving the pressure points and extending extra comfort.
  • The third or the bottom layer forms the foundation of the mattress and is made of 6 inches of high density support foam with decent air ventilators to maintain cooling while sleep.
  • Cover: The Leesa mattress comes in a single fabric high quality cover made of poly–lycra blend fabric that further adds to the air ventilating feature of the mattress.

Firmness, Feel and Support

The first feel of Leesa mattress as shared by its users is that it gives a soft feel with an impressive bounce and response. Over a period of time of use, one feels accustomed to the product as it spreads body weight evenly throughout the length and breadth of the mattress.

Made up of a combination of Avena foam and memory foam, the mattress does everything possible to relieve your pressure areas and soothe the tired and aching muscles.

The mattress comes in one firmness level which is around 6-7 on a scale of 10 indicating medium firmness. It also fairs well in terms of bounce getting back to its normal shape, once the pressure is removed from it.

The Leesa mattress is designed with a unique technology of hot/cold, which keeps you warm in chilling winters while in scorching summers or on a warm day, its cooling properties keeps your sleep adequately ventilated. So no matter what the weather, a cool and restful sleep is always assured.

Sinkage and Motion Transfer

Our Leesa mattress review is based on the first hand experiences of users who have used the Leesa mattress and are ready to offer their know-how with other future users. Let us see how well the Leesa mattress scores in our sinkage test when tested in different positions.

  • On back or normal lying position: When lying on the back, the mattress gives a normal sinkage of about 2 inches.
  • On side: On the sides, the body weight shifts and concentrates to one side increasing the sinkage slightly to 2.25 inches.
  • On the edge: When sitting casually near the edge, the sinkage was about 3.5 inches. While sitting on the absolute edge, the sinkage increased to about 4 inches.
  • In the middle: If you want to see the one point sinkage of the mattress then stand in the centre of the mattress and the Leesa scores a high at this position with about 4.5 inches of sinkage.

With the Leesa mattress you can take innumerable turns and do all acrobats in bed without worrying about disturbing your sleeping partner. The dual combination of foam completely insulates the motions generated on one side and prevents it from passing to the other.

Warranty and Trial Period

The Leesa mattress offers 10 years of warranty for any defects in the product, either in construction or manufacturing.

It also offers 100 nights trial period which is sufficient time for one to decide whether the products serves his/her purpose or not. In fact, 100 days is too generous an offer by the company. In practice one gets to know of the feel and response from the mattress within a couple of nights.​

Pricing and Shipping

leesa mattress review

The Leesa mattress is delivered to your shipping address in a roll with all shipping cost borne by the company. Its box has handles around it to facilitate movement till your bed area. Unboxing and setting up the mattress is easy and takes only a few minutes.

For the bed frame, one can use a simple platform frame or can even place it on the floor. It is equally comfortable in both the positions.

The mattress is moderately priced considering that it is delivered directly to your home and does away with showroom and salesmen expenses.


Let us see face some Frequently Asked Questions on Leesa Mattress.

Q: What is inside the Leesa mattress?

Ans: The Leesa mattress is made of a combination of high density foam as base, memory foam in the centre and the Avena foam in its top layer that not only provides support, but also keeps the mattress super cool.

Q.: What sizes are available in the Leesa mattress?

Ans: The Leesa mattress comes in all standard sizes-Full, Twin, Twin XL, Queen, King and California King size.

Q. Does the mattress smell when new?

Ans: Some users complain that when unpacked the mattress smells like the interior of a new car for some hours, but soon as the mattress regains its full size and shape, there is absolutely no trace of any smell or odor.

Q. Do I need a box spring or foundation for my Leesa mattress?

Ans: Box springs are best suited for innerspring mattresses. For a foam mattress like Leesa we would recommend a simple flat foundation or a platform foundation. Alternatively, if you are comfortable, you can also place it on the floor.

Q. What do we do for the maintenance of the Leesa mattress?

Ans: Instead of removing the mattress cover and cleaning it, we would recommend that you clean the spot area of the stain or spill by using a mild detergent and cold water.

Q. How long does it take for the Leesa mattress to arrive?

Ans: Once the order is palced, it takes about 3-5 business days for the packing, shipping and delivery of the mattress to your address. An e-mail containing tracking details of your order is sent to you immediately on dispatch from the company’s side.

Our Verdict

A true All in One package. The Leesa mattress no doubt offers only one scale of firmness, but on other fronts it does a far more impressive work. The combination of Avena foam and memory foam provide a supreme class of support and feel. The Avena foam which very subtly serves as an alternate for latex foam, offers the cooling properties which are exceptional considering its foam composition.

Leesa’s hot/cold technology and all weather comfort and feel also makes it stand out from the rest of the lot. At an affordable price, it is indeed a treat for customers who get the best of foam wrapped with extra comfort and new age technology. Indeed, if you are a foam follower then nothing could impress you more than this double foam comfort. Hope you found our Leesa mattress review helpful.

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