Loom and Leaf Mattress Review: Super Foamy

The prime runner in the mattress industry-Saatva introduces the Loom & Leaf Mattress a new addition in the world of sleep. The mattress is a classic combination of all the three types of foam -traditional memory foam, air-cooled memory foam and gel memory foam. This great combination makes the mattress cool, comfortable and super supportive. We have created the loom and leaf mattress review, to give you an unbiased and genuine opinion.

The plant-based memory foam not only makes the mattress eco-friendly but also helps in relieving the pressure areas. Moreover, the cooling gel layer acts as a heat resistant and supports air ventilation and regulating temperature. The best feature of the mattress is that it comes in two major firmness variants-medium and hard. It offers a feel that is neither too soft nor too hard. The mattress does not allow you to fully sink in, embracing the contours of your body and molding accordingly.

This 12 inch thick mattress offers its users good support and is not subject to quick sagging, especially at the edges. The extra thickness also adds to its durability and has an average life span of 10-15 years. It has an organic encasing cover which also adds to its coolness and soft and silky feel. The mattress comes in all standard dimensions like-Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King and California King. All in all, it provides a good value for money in comparison to other contenders in the market.

Let us see quickly the pros and cons, before we start our detailed loom and leaf mattress review.


  • Four layered premium quality components
  • Remarkable cooling properties with a cooling gel layer
  • Organic, breathable cover which adds to the style quotient
  • Odor less
  • Offers dual firmness support-medium & hard
  • World class quality with lasting durability
  • Surprisingly low cost, compared to similar premium products in this segment
  • 120 day trial period with full refund


  • Large sizes require central support to perform well

Let us dive deep in to the review of the loom and leaf mattress.

Now let's Start Our Loom and Leaf Mattress Review

Construction and Composition

loom and leaf Mattress review

The Loom and Leaf mattress is the perfect amalgamation of three super foam layers each having a distinctive feature and contributing to the overall goodness of the product. Let us see the composition closely:

  • The top layer comprises of 2 inches of high quality conforming gel foam which favors circulation and cooling. The layer is laminated into the top layer of the foam mattress and plays a crucial role in regulating temperature and keeping the mattress and your sleep cool. The layer is convoluted creating gaps for air ventilation and increasing the breathability of the product.
  • The middle layer is consists of 2.5 inches of visco-elastic memory foam that provides the support, comfort and contouring capabilities to the mattress.
  • The third layer is 2 inch of transition loft pad that works well with the other layers to provide good support to the mattress.
  • The bottom layer is the 5.5 inch of support base. It is made of high density support foam that provides great support to the entire mattress.
  • Cover: The Loom and Leaf mattress comes encased in a quilted soft organic cotton cover with embroidery that gives it a super cool and aesthetic appeal.

How does the mattress feel: Firmness & Support

If one type of firmness does not impress you then the Loom & Leaf mattress can be a good option for you. It comes in two variants-the Relaxed Firm and Firm mattress

The relaxed firm category is for those customers who like it neither too soft and neither too hard. Just the optimum firmness that soothes your strained nerves and muscles.

The Firm is of course for those who like firm with some character. Especially liked by back and stomach sleepers, the firm variant is also recommended for the heavy sleepers and for couples who like some action in bed.

Sink and Bounce

The overall sinkage of this 12 inch mattress is relatively less as compared to other foam mattresses in the market. Nonetheless, it works well with a fairly decent score in sinkage as assesses by its users. On a flat lying position with the spine touching the mattress the weight of the sleeper is consistently spread across the surface and the sinkage recorded was a nominal 2.5 inches.

When turned to the side, no doubt the pressured increased in one direction and the 3.5 inches of sinkage was recorded. Towards the edge, with slight weight of the user pressed on one side the sinkage was 3.5, while when more weight was exerted aggressively the sinkage increased to 4.5 inches. The test of the Loom and Leaf mattress is best recorded in the centre with the user standing still at one point. Here the sinkage was the highest with 5.75 inches.

Talking about motion transfer…well that is almost negligent in this premium product by Saatva. This means that no matter how much you move in part of the mattress the same is not transmitted to the other end.

Another outstanding quality of the mattress is its strong edge support which makes it different in the league of foam mattresses.

After Sale Benefits: Warranty and Trial Period

The company offers a specific warranty offer wherein if your mattress is found defective in the first two years, then the whole mattress is replaced by the company, if a defect is found in 3-5 years they will replace the mattress at 25% of the original cost and between 6-10 years they will replace the mattress at 50% of the original cost.

It also offers a generous 120 days trial period for you to accept or reject the product after a thorough sleep experience.

Cost to the Pocket: Pricing and Shipping

loom and leaf mattress review

The product is shipped to your doorstep within 7-15 days of order. The delivery team also helps you unpack and set up the mattress at the desired area. The shipping charges are nominal.

The mattress with loads of impressive qualities comes at a very affordable price and fits in the budget of even average buyers.


Let us see face some Frequently Asked Questions on Loom and Leaf Mattress.

Q: Does the mattress heat up when sleeping?

Ans: Contrary to the popular belief that the loom and leaf mattresses heat up, the Loom & Leaf mattress is a class apart in terms of cooling. It super cooling gel foam top layer keeps the mattress cool and airy allowing comfortable sleep even in warm weather.

Q.: What sizes are available in the Loom & Leaf mattress and what is its height?

Ans: The Loom and Leaf mattress comes in six standard sizes- Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King and California King size. Its height is about 12 inches.

Q. Does the mattress have smell issues?

Ans: No, the Loom & Leaf mattress has almost no smelling issues and can be used instantly on unpackaging.

Q. How long will the Loom & Leaf mattress last?

Ans: The Loom & Leaf mattress does an outstanding job in terms of durability. It lasts for about 10-15 years a little more than its foam counterparts.

Q. What do we do for the maintenance of the Loom & Leaf mattress?

Ans: An easy to use product with minimal maintenance. It needs no flipping and rotation. Its super quality foam regains shape after every use, so the company does not recommend rotating the mattress

Q. Does it need a bed frame or foundation?

Ans: As long as the mattress is laid on a flat, solid and horizontal surface, the mattress performs well. It may or may not need a foundation specifically.

Our Verdict

True to its name Saatva- which means balanced, the company rolls out a premium product high in composition, quality, feel, firmness, support and comfort. Priced at a cost which is every buyer’s dream quotation, the Loom & Leaf mattress does wonders in the the foam mattress industry.

The 12 inch mattress is a great choice for foam lovers and can also attract innerspring users with its spectacular feel, features and positive customer reviews. With its unending list of features and appreciations by satisfied customers, it may not be wrong to call this product a… Star in the Rising!

Hope you found our loom and leaf mattress review helpful.​

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