Mattress Buying Guide: Your Sleep Mentor

You must have often heard someone say- Sleep tight, Sleep right. Yes of course! Sleep is one of the most important circadian activities that we all indulge in. Think of sleep and the first thought that crosses your mind is bed. And bed is all about the mattress that adorns it.

So, if you are preparing to make that big purchase to welcome a piece of luxury home, do a thorough research and deep analysis so that you finally steal a deal for at least a decade.

In this mattress buying guide, we shall take you through a complete experience of buying a perfect mattress, anticipating all possible queries that strike you and their best answers. So, fasten your seat belts and come along to explore the best possible bedding solutions for your bedroom.

What size do I need?

mattress buying guide

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Like clothes, our mattress size also differs depending on our body size and structure. It also depends upon the size of the room, where it is placed. Buying a mattress is a very intimate decision and if you share it with your partner, don’t forget to take his/her opinion in this big purchase.

For, you both may be poles apart (which is often the scenario!)- you wanting a king size, and she happy with the queen size. You looking for comfort, she looking for support, you prefer sleeping hot and she prefers it cold…and the list goes on and on. So first and foremost, how do you decide the size of the mattress that you need to buy?

​International market for mattresses offers the following standard sizes:

mattress buying guide

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  • Twin 39”X75”: Twin mattresses are best suited for one child or one adult although the length of the mattress may be short for an adult. They are mostly used for children’s beds or bunk beds.
  • Twin XL 39”X80”: With additional five inches of length, these mattresses are often used in dormitory beds.
  • Full 54”X75”: These mattresses are wider in terms of space rather than length. It is ideal for one adult.
  • Queen 60”X80”: If you like to spread around and use the width and height of your mattress, then this is the one for you. It is best suited to meet the needs of growing children and adults. Perfect for tall people, who complain of their feet falling out of their mattress.
  • King 76”X80: Huge bedroom with a dear better half, check out a king size mattress that will address all your needs. Complete comfort, and if you have a pet then it makes room for him too. Also good for big families, that like to tuck in the same mattress.
  • California King 72”X84”: This mattress offers additional four inches of length adjusted from the width of the mattress. Perfectly suited for a tall adult, looking for additional length.

So, with the different sizes listed above, you can make a choice based on what suits you best. Consider your body type and use, before deciding the perfect size.

According to this Mattress Buying Guide Which type should I buy?

The market is flooded with different types and designs of mattresses; in that scenario it is really a challenge to choose the type that fulfils all your needs. To make your task easier, we take you through some of the most popular types available in the market.

Innerspring: Innerspring mattresses are the perfect example of support and comfort. With the standard base of innerspring coils, these mattresses provide good bounce and response. With time the quality of springs and coils have actually changed and are ever evolving. Innerspring mattresses with their wholesome goodness and traditional support and response are perfect for sleepers looking for traditional bounce in their mattresses.

Memory Foam
: Made from a substance called visco-elastic, memory foam is both energy absorbent and soft. It molds as per the body contouring and hugging, giving you a comfort feeling. However, the biggest drawback with memory foam is that people often complain of hot sleep, i.e. it becomes hot when in contact with human body, thereby dissipating its own heat.

If you live in a country with warm weather, then you would not prefer this product because of its heat retention characteristics. However, if you are looking for support with body contouring and hug then this is the perfect choice for you.

Latex: Latex mattresses are often considered eco friendly and the added benefits of cooling and additional support and bounce. It is especially good for those leaving out on foam mattresses because of their heat absorbing properties. They relieve the pressure points and provide good support. Further, they are one of the most durable mattresses with good longevity.

Hybrid: Hybrid mattresses are basically a combination of coil based foundations clubbed with layers of foam for added comfort. This variety was evolved when consumers felt that foam and coils alone could not meet their growing demands. Hybrid mattresses combine the goodness of both coil and memory foam while reducing many of its negativity.

They provide the compression and support of foam mattresses while adding the bounce and responsiveness of coil mattresses. If you have tried foam, coil and latex individually and are still dissatisfied or in search of your perfect product then this is the one for you.

Things to look for in a mattress:

Just think over this-more than your couch, your work table or the dining table, it is the bed on which you spend the maximum hours of your day. Indeed, such an important piece of home furniture requires extra care and prudence in selection. Besides considerable support, a good bed should have the perfect mattress on it which satisfies you all through the night. So what are the factors that you should consider when looking out for a good mattress?

Too many to remember? Just keep it simple and go step by step in evaluating them. Here begins the list.

  • Comfort should be your prime focus. We all sleep to relax, unwind and seek comfort. So our mattress should cater this basic need when we relax. Never compare the price of the mattress with its comfort. Expensive products shall serve you with more comfort is never guaranteed. When looking out for comfort, think of other factors like size of the mattress and type which we have already discussed. You should feel so comfortable in your mattress as if the piece of luxury was exclusively tailor made for you.
  • Do not look for a one stop product. Don’t try to accommodate the requirements of the entire family when buying a mattress. If you share it with your partner, then do consider his/her comfort but not beyond that. This way you will focus on your needs and will be able to make a better selection.
  • Look for good support. Do not always be guided by the firmness scale indicated on the product. Each body feels the firmness in a different way depending upon the pressure exerted by you and your body weight. Do adequate trials before finalising the firmness that suits you best.
  • Do not ignore edge support. You do not use your mattress to sleep only. During the day time, it is the ideal sitting place for you in your bedroom or when watching television. And this you do, while balancing yourself on the edges. Ensure that your mattress offers good and firm edge support. Sagging edges can ruin your posture as well.
  • Check its motion transfer. You do not sleep still. Whether you realise or not, there is considerable motion created by you in your sleep. But surely you would not want to pass it to your partner and disturb his/her sleep. To ensure this always check a mattress for motion transfer. Products with minimum motion transfer are best suited for a clam and restful sleep.
  • Do not go for extra softness. A very soft mattress does not guarantee a comfortable sleep. On the contrary, it can make it difficult for you to take turns or change sides. Check out the optimum softness that you would prefer in your bed.
  • Take trials till you are satisfied. You don’t miss out a test drive when going to buy a car, then why not with your mattress. Most companies offer you trial periods ranging from 60 days to 90 days. Use your trial period sensibly and judge whether you should permanently invite that mattress into your bedroom or not.
  • Do not rush with your decision. Take time, do a thorough market study, know your product and only then make the final call.
  • Consider your budget. The markets have a wide range of mattresses with different price range. Set yourself a budget that you are ready to spend on the product else swayed by the salesmen or market reviews, you may burn a hole in your pocket.
  • Look for a good warranty. Mattresses that offer a longer warranty are better preferred than with shorter periods. Also, do not forget to read the warrant clause in fine print carefully.

Best Mattress for different Sleep Positions

Sleep positions differ widely all across the globe. But on observation it has been observed that there are basically three different types of sleepers-Back, side and stomach sleepers. The mattress requirements of different sleepers are different. So choice of mattress should also be done accordingly. Check out the mattresses that best suit the following three types.

Back Sleepers

mattress buying guide

Back sleepers need adequate support that properly aligns their spine and relieves the pressure points. An ideal mattress for a back sleeper should have the correct firmness usually ranging between 4 and 7 and the necessary softness that takes proper care of the pressure points by relieving them and not enhancing the pain.

Side Sleepers

Side sleepers usually keep the upper body static, while playing around with their legs. Such sleepers need a mattress which is in the category of soft to medium. Side sleepers usually look for mattresses that can contour the curves of the body when the spine is curved or bent. A mattress that is too firm cannot take care of this need. Therefore, a mattress with good softness comes handy here, which can hug the body parts as they sink into the mattress.

Stomach Sleepers

Stomach sleepers look for a mattress with mid firmness. As the torso lies flat on the mattress, it needs good support else it shall sink in the middle causing the spine to curve unnaturally. This can misalign the entire structure of the body. Therefore a mattress that is too soft should not be preferred in this case.

Where to buy?

Equipped with so much knowledge about the perfect piece of mattress that you need to choose, it is now time to enter the playfield and put all tricks of play into practice. But there is a twist here to. Where can you buy your ideal mattress? There are two options. Either go in for the upcoming choice of online markets or the traditional offline markets. Both have their share of good and bad. Come let us see the two options.

Online Markets

Going by the trends, buying from an online store is the latest idea of shopping. There are around a dozen online stores that offer a wide variety of mattresses. They give you the complete hassle free experience of shopping from the comforts of your home with a single click of the mouse. Let us see their pros and cons.

  • You can browse through different sites or in other words-different shops.
  • You shop from the comfort of your home without spending extra bucks on fuel or parking expenses.
  • Chances are you will find low prices or great discounts.
  • They are sold directly to consumers, no hassle of delivery men or annoying salesmen trying to force their choice on you.
  • Can browse through different category products of different companies.
  • Save time and energy in shopping.
  • Cannot try hands on. Remember to read the return policy carefully.

Off Line Markets

If you are not the tech savvy or believe in the traditional concept of touch and feel before buying the product, then you surely need to visit a store to choose your mattress. Buying from a store has its own pros and cons.

  • You get to touch and feel the product. This gives more confidence in your purchase.
  • Some store offer facilities of trial, where you can lie down and try the product before taking it home.
  • A salesman at the store might help you by navigating you through the shopping experience.
  • Prices are a little higher in stores, considering their margin added for showroom expenses.
  • The sales person may not be trained adequately about the product and he might end up miss-guiding you rather than guiding you to the correct purchase.
  • Trying out mattresses at the store may be uncomfortable especially in the presence of other customers.
  • Brick and mortar stores tend to misguide customers with their alluring policies or offers that might make you lose money rather than save it on the purchase.

The Bottom Line

Buying a mattress is indeed an important decision that is likely to affect the comfort of your sleeps for the next decade or so. The above piece of writing just aims to take you through this shopping experience fully aware of the product that you intend to buy and return home with a broad smile, cherishing your purchase. No point making a hasty purchase and then regretting later at peace. Each point discussed above has its own significance and should be properly assessed before making the final selection.

Remember, your size, body weight, the type of mattress, your sleep position, your choice of supply and the quality of the mattress as a whole is closely inter linked to your sleep. Do nothing, intentionally or impulsively that can offend the quality or quantity of your sleep.

Your right decision in assessing each parameter before the purchase can contribute to increased hours of quality and blissful sleep, thereby enhancing the overall value of your health.

Moreover, as we keep emphasizing that buying a mattress is like making a short term investment for a long term gain. Use all your prudence and read and research thoroughly before you make the final call. And once you do, embrace it with complete confidence and make it an integral part of not only your bedroom but also for the next decade of your life. We hope that this mattress buying guide was helpful to you.

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