Mattress Sizes Chart: Your Guide to the Perfect Sleep Size

Ever tried an anti-fit dress or a size larger than your structure? If you have ever done the mistake of picking up the wrong sized dress from the apparel store, you will know how even the most elegant looking piece of clothing can bring discomfort to you despite shelling out a good fortune on it.

Yes, we all have a size….rather everything has a size and it is important to respect that shape and size. Talking about mattresses, we all have heard about sizes like King, Queen, Twin and California…while most of them sound like members of a royal family, they can be quite perplexing at times, especially if you are a first time buyer or it is your maiden attempt to order a mattress online.

In this guided tour about mattress sizes chart, we introduce you to the standard sizes of mattresses available in the international market, their specifications and how to judge the size that fits your home and sleeping needs.

mattress sizes chart

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Here we discuss the 7 most common mattress sizes chart and their popular names. We give you a brief understanding of their measurements, their uses and the types of sleepers who should prefer them. Remember, these sizes relate to the standards as applicable in the US/Canada markets and they may vary in other Asian and European markets.

#1 - Twin 38" X 74"

mattress sizes chart

The name indicates as if the mattress can accommodate a couple, but unlike its name, the mattress is best suited for a single adult or a growing child. In some variants the size of the mattress varies to 39”X 75” but that is just a slight variation, not bringing much change to its users. The piece of bedding is best suited for anyone who stands just 5ft 5 inches or less above the ground.

So, if you stand taller than this dimension, do not make the mistake of choosing this mattress which can leave your feet hanging outside the bed. Because of its size limitations, the mattress is often called ‘single’ in the UK mattress industry and is a ready choice for single sleepers, who wish to spread right and left and hug their mattress in the absence of a sleeping partner!

The mattress is also a good choice in guest rooms, as a day bed to catch up a nap or for bunk beds, where there is no luxury of space.

#2 - Twin XL 38" X 80"

The Twin XL mattress or the extra long mattress is a perfect choice for tall adults. The mattress is 6 inches taller than the twin mattress, while in terms of width it measures the same. The mattress is particularly popular in hostel and college dormitories, as it serves as the perfect sleep solution for growing adults and adolescents who are subject to natural elongation at this stage of their life. Again, the Twin XL also comes in the variation of slightly larger width measuring up to 39”.

Though it is a popular choice because of its compactness, the mattress fails to impress couples or full grown adults, who may find it falling short of their body structure.

#3 - Full 54" X 75"

The more familiar name of the mattress is ‘double’, though practically; it fails to accommodate double sleepers comfortably. The mattress spreads in width and is approximately 16 inches wider than a twin mattress, yet it is not considered perfect for couples or double sleepers. In terms of length, the mattress is considered too short for sleepers who stretch beyond 5ft 5 inches, causing discomfort and affecting their movement or stretch in bed.

Full mattresses are most popular choices amongst parents for teenage bedrooms or for their young children, who have outgrown their twin mattress and long to spread and stretch while relaxing at night. The Full mattresses are also popular because, besides giving growing children space to stretch and spread, they allow parents to tuck into the beds of their teenagers, or young children, while reading out bedtime stories to them or simply caressing their fingers through their soft tresses and growing curls before retiring into their own beds.

#4 - Full XL 54" X 80"

What makes this Full mattress extra large is the addition of 5 inches in length, while the width remains more or less the same as its little brother. With just the slight variation in length, the mattress still accommodates only the single sleepers comfortably and is unsuitable for couples or two sleepers. The extra bit of length helps those sleepers who are tall and struggled in the 5ft 5 inches of full mattress.

It is a good choice for growing children, who outgrow their night pajamas with every passing month.

#6 - Queen 60" X 80"

This is truly a couple mattresses and one of the most popular in the market. So much so, that all mattress advertisements display the Queen mattress size for promotional purposes. With 60 inches of width, the mattress offers a decent personal space to each of the sleeper. The 80 inch length indicates that it is perfect even for a 6ft tall sleeper and gives him/her enough room to move, turn and twist in bed without intruding in their partner’s space.

Allowing sleepers to divert from the standard sleep position and sleep at different angles, this mattress truly scores high in terms of comfort and flexibility. The queen mattress is an extremely popular choice amongst couples, especially young couples, who want to enjoy the warmth in bed, while leaving additional space in the bedroom to add to their living area.

Not only couples, the queen mattress is also a preferred choice for luxurious single sleepers who like it BIG, even if it’s in the bed where they can play around with space and indulge in some sleep luxury.

#7 - King 76" X 80"

If your idea of life is big and your bedroom allows you to invite that huge piece of luxury to your home, then the King size is surely meant for you. It is the most popular choice for large American mansions and hotel rooms. With a pure 16 inch wider than the queen mattress, you can very well understand the added comfort that this mattress brings to couples, who would love to enjoy the extra personal space offered by this bedding piece.

To help you visualize its size, simply imagine two twin XL mattresses placed closed to each other and it will give you an idea of the size that it can hold in your room. However, before divulging into that big purchase remember to analyze the dimensions of your room, the door to your bedroom, through which you shall let it in and the remaining floor area left in your bedroom after accommodating the piece of luxury there. No doubt comfort comes at a price, but in this case it costs a little extra space too.

#8 - California King 72" X 84"

The second most popular choice amongst US couples, the California mattress is not large but huge in terms of size and appeal. The mattress has an added 4 inches of length, while the same has been cut down in width. The size is appreciated by tall couples, who can comfortably stretch their legs and shift in all angles while they snooze off.

For couples who sleep with children, or find it difficult to part with their pets at night, the California King size is the perfect sleep solution. Its enormous size offers space and comfort to all without compromising on sleep.

No doubt, the mattress fits well on a huge bed and can help you cover a large portion of your extra spacious bedroom, but remember extra large has its own cons. The mattress requires a huge bed frame, which is beyond the usual or standard size.

Moreover, the standard bed linens and covers that fit your queen and king size mattress may fall short for this extra large California King, compelling you to spend some extra bucks to cover up that grand luxury. Remember, the extra size also requires extra support, lest the mattress may sag and lose shape in the absence of a proper bed structure.

The Bottom Line

Indeed buying a mattress and choosing the right size can be tricky, but with all the above insights and our mattress sizes chart, you can surely do a better job while making that big purchase. The most common mistake that people do while buying a mattress is getting a size smaller than the bed frame. Just like body hugging or small fitting clothes mar our appearance, similarly a mattress that leaves gaps on the bed frame, can ruin the appeal of your bedroom. Similarly an oversized mattress that hangs outside the bed frame can ruin the balance of your bed and leave you with the feel of uncomfortable edges.

Remember, choosing the right size mattress is like seasoning your dish with the correct measure of salt. A little less or a pinch more can ruin its taste. Similarly, any misjudgment in size can lead to disastrous results in the bedroom-in all parameters; comfort, looks and of course the haunting of a wrong decision that shall irk you every time you lie in your chosen bed size!

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