Mattress Thickness: Search for the Perfect Inches

Is Bigger always the Better? Do the extra inches of foam on a mattress really matter? If they do, then to whom? Guided by the bandwagon approach of more is better, we often look out for Mattress Thickness believing that they last longer and bring in additional comfort.

But hold on….Let us dig deeper and get to the truth.

Mattresses come not only in a score of sizes but also with varying thickness. They can range from a nominal 8 inches to a voluminous 20 inches and even more on customization. Extra layers of foam are indeed added to the base structure to mostly enhance softness and the plush quotient.

However, while you may appreciate the extra layers in your cheese sandwich, read below to learn why always those extra layers may or may not work for you in your mattress. Find out the Mattress Thickness that conforms to your sleep position and how it affects your sleep.

#1 - 6" - 8" - Best for Back Sleepers

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Memory foam mattresses are synonymous with thickness; however, they can start from a nominal height of 6 to 8 inches. These mattresses are perceived as thin mattresses in the industry and are not readily recommended. Their relative thinness makes them less durable, and most likely to sag under weight and pressure.

However, their utility cannot be completely ruled out. Thick mattresses usually have an extra layer of soft foam, which contributes to their super soft feel. On the contrary, the 8 inch mattress has a thin layer of hard foam or a subtle layer of memory foam, which gives it a firm feel, most sought after by back sleepers.

The firmness of the 8 inch mattress extends the right support to a back sleeper, contouring the back and neck curves while he lays flat on it.

It is also an ideal choice for light sleepers who do not have much weight to throw around on the bed.

Having said so, the 8 inch mattress is not recommended for the average sleepers and should be chosen wisely only if you are sure of your sleep position and do not believe in pampering your body with the extra comfort.

#2 - 8" - 10" - Best for Side Sleepers

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Talk to a sleep expert and he will surely say that this is the standard mattress thickness. Undoubtedly, 10 inches of foam mattress is a decent size on any bed frame and looks an ideal piece of comfort.

This is the perfect sweet size for any sleeper, especially the side sleeper who looks for a cradle to carry his weight and swing it from side to side as he shifts angles. Layered with an extra sheet of foam, this mattress has an inbuilt comfort zone that gradually transcends comfort to the sleeper. So it seamlessly contours the curves of a side sleeper supporting his shoulders, waist and knees while he takes his favorite C-position.

Talking about weight management, these mattresses do a perfect job in handling the extra kilos and are considered ideal for supporting weights up to 250 lb. Therefore, they are a popular choice amongst couples, where the combined weight of the sleepers sums up to this figure or less.

The added advantages of a 10 inch or more mattress is that it fits well into a bed frame and provides ideal support to your body structure, whether light or heavy. It also pays for your purchase and lasts a good long 8-10 years before losing shape or sagging down and thinning.

#3 - 10" - 15" - Best for Stomach Sleepers

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What if you are a stomach sleeper and throw your weight face down on your mattress? Of course, you need layers of comfort to handle that large structure and the softness of the belly. A memory foam mattress with a thickness of about 10-15 inches should be your ideal choice there. A 10 inch or higher mattress is loaded with layers of extra soft latex foam that forms a cushion and makes it super cozy and soft.

Stomach sleepers always look forward to something super supple which can hug their torso and cuddle it throughout the night. A 10-15 inch mattress does that job perfectly well and accentuates your sleep experience. This variety of super thick mattress is also recommended for heavy sleepers or those with a huge body structure. The mattress supports your body frame perfectly and gives you ample of space and depth to spread across.

However, when preferring thick mattresses, especially anything beyond 12 inches, visualize the mattress on your bed frame and the total height you need to climb up to reach your sleep top. Yes, extra thick mattresses can offer you a nasty climb and become inconvenient, especially if you suffer from additional health conditions like painful joints or damaged ligaments. They can also be difficult to climb and sit on during the day, hampering your sitting options in your bedroom.

The Bottom Line

The 12 to 14 inches of thick mattresses can be tempting and appealing while the 6 to 8 inches of mattresses can allure you in terms of reasonable budget and ease in cleaning but ignore those catches and weigh the correct factors before you choose the perfect thickness.

Remember, balance is the name of the game here. An ultra thin 8 inch mattress may serve well in the short run but eventually it will thin out and lose its capacity to support your body frame. On the flip side, a 12 inch or thicker mattress should be picked only to support a heavy sleeper or a hard core stomach sleeper, lest it may come with its own baggage of inconvenient height and cleaning and moving issues.

An ideal size of 10 to 12 inches of mattress is the sweetest spot to hit that brings along the perfect balance of comfort, firmness, support all wrapped in the most elegant height that sits perfectly well on your bed frame. Shopping for the bed protectors and linen for this size is super easy and it can pose well in all bedrooms, big or small.

Remember the cheese sandwich rule, add layers till it is easy to bite and a pleasure to chew…similarly choose a mattress thickness that supports your sleep position and carries your weight lovingly…a perfect made for each other!

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