Purple Mattress Review: State of the Art Mattress

A high quality state of the art hand crafted mattress that is made of polymer material and is fast gaining popularity in the mattress industry. Purple promises you everything-quality, comfort, bounce and above all a good sleep.

One of the most unique mattresses with the hyper-elastic polymer as the top surface this mattress stands out in the international market. It suits sleepers who opt for different positions. With a combined layer of hyper-elastic polymer and polyurethane foam it imparts great support, response and bounce.

On the firmness scale it is a bit towards the firm side with scales bending at 6 or 7. Despite endorsing a generous bounce, the mattress has virtually no motion transfer.

The thin outer cover helps easy breathing for the mattress keeping it light and cool. The mattress performs well for all three types of sleepers-back, side and stomach sleepers.

Let us see the pros and cons that make the mattress stand apart from the rest.


  • Hyper-elastic polymer foam for strength and support
  • Temperature neutral
  • Pressure releasing comfort and support
  • 100 days trial period
  • 10 years warranty
  • Affordable pricing


  • Not suitable for thin sleepers, as may feel too firm on shoulders and hip
  • Available in only 3 sizes as against the standard 6 sizes
  • Costs slightly higher than its counterparts

Let us have a closer look at this interesting and intriguing mattress through this detailed Purple Mattress review.

Now let's Start Our Purple Mattress Review


purple Mattress review

A cool and comforting mattress that is made up of three layers of foam and hyper elastic polymer material. Its thickness is about 9.5 inches and the mattress hugs and contours your body curves well.

  • The top layer comprises of 2 inches of hyper elastic polymer elastic that provides good comfort and cooling. The material is well amalgamated with the unique smart grid structure.
  • The middle layer is consists of 3.5 inch of polyurethane foam. This layer along with the top layer provides deep compression and support.
  • The third or the bottom layer forms the foundation of the mattress and is made of 4 inches of high density polyurethane foam that forms the base of the mattress.
  • Cover: The purple mattress comes with a durable, soft and stretchy cover that is a combination of polyester, viscose and polyester-lycra. It has a modern aesthetic design with a soft touch and feel. It comes in a zip off but the instructions with the mattress suggest not washing the cover in the washing machine and using cool water to wash if at all need be.

Firmness, Feel and Support

The Purple mattress scores over its contemporaries in terms of its unique design and technology used in building this piece of comfort and this score is based on hundreds of purple mattress reviews. The combination of the top two layers provide ideal comfort and support to almost all kinds of sleepers.

On the firmness scale the mattress scores an average 6-6.5 which is well suited to not only different sleeping positions but also sleepers of different weights.

The mattress is known to spread the weight of the sleeper well and align with the natural curves of the body.

The smart grid design offers the best combo of support and comfort which goes a long way in satisfying the customers.

The mattress is especially appreciated by heavy sleepers, whose weight is evenly distributed and the pressure dissipated through the top layer.

Sinkage and Motion Transfer

Our Purple mattress review is based on the first hand experiences of users who have used the Purple mattress and are ready to offer their know-how with other future users. Let us see how well the Purple mattress scores in our sinkage test when tested in different positions.

  • On back or normal lying position: When lying on the back, the mattress gives a normal sinkage of about 2 inches.
  • On side: On the sides, the body weight shifts and concentrates to one side increasing the sinkage slightly to 2.5 inches.
  • On the edge: When sitting casually near the edge, the sinkage was about 3 inches. While sitting on the absolute edge, the sinkage increased to about 4 inches.
  • In the middle: If you want to see the one point sinkage of the mattress then stand in the centre of the mattress and the Purple scores a high at this position with about 5-5.25 inches of sinkage.

Like most of the foam mattresses the Purple mattress too is good at absorbing motions and movements and restricts its transmission to the other ends. The bounce generated by the mattress is quite unique and closely resembles the one exhibited by a latex mattress.

Warranty and Trial Period

The Purple mattress offers 10 years of warranty for any defects in the product, either in construction or manufacturing.

It also offers 100 nights trial period which is sufficient time for one to decide whether the products serves his/her purpose or not. If in the course of those 100 nights, you feel that the mattress is not suited for you, you can contact the company’s customer care to arrange an easy pick up.

Pricing and Shipping

Purple mattress review

The Purple mattress comes in an easy compressed packaging with handles to shift the packet easily to the place where it is to be unpacked. The shipping is absolutely free with prompt service.

Talking about the price, the mattress comes in a very affordable price range of $699-$1299. At such an affordable price the consumer gets the best of quality, comfort, support and feel. Therefore it is a win-win situation with every purchase no matter what size you pick up.


Let us see face some Frequently Asked Questions on Purple Mattress.

Q: How does the polymer material add value to the Purple mattress?

Ans: The hyper polymer material keeps the mattress super cool avoiding instances of sleeping hot. More so, it adds a unique bounce to the mattress like its latex counterpart.

Q.: What sizes are available in the Purple mattress?

Ans: The Purple mattress comes in four sizes- Twin XL, Queen, King and California King size.

Q. Does the mattress smell when new?

Ans: Considering that it is a foam mattress, the Purple mattress does have a very faint smell when unpacked. However, the faint soon dissipates in the air, when the mattress is laid out and allowed to take its full shape.

Q. Do I need a box spring or foundation for my Purple mattress?

Ans: Box springs are best suited for innerspring mattresses. For a foam mattress like Purple we would recommend a simple flat foundation or a platform foundation. Alternatively, if you are comfortable, you can also place it on the floor.

Q. What do we do for the maintenance of the Purple mattress?

Ans: Although the company does not recommend rotating the mattress, but based on user experience, we recommend that it should be rotated twice in a year. However, do not make the mistake of flipping the mattress, as the polymer layer should always be on the top.

Q. What is the weight of the Purple mattress?

Ans: The Purple mattress weighs between 70 to 140 pounds, depending upon the size of the mattress purchased.

Our Verdict

A surely above average product at a remarkable price, Purple has most of the qualities that make it on top of the favorite foam mattresses. The unique combination of hyper polymer foam and polyurethane foam does wonders in offering comfort, support and relieving the pressure points.

Its smart grid techno logy further incorporates and enhances the cooling features to make it a super cool foam mattress that comforts sleepers in all weathers.

Good support, comfort, bounce, feel and innovative design all blend together to produce an outstanding product which is quite preferred in the foam mattress industry.

Whether you are a back, side or belly sleeper and no matter what weight you carry around, this mattress is here to serve all your needs and perhaps leave you generously satisfied with its performance and state of the art aesthetic design and appeal. Hope you found our Purple Mattress review helpful.

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