sleeping with socks on

Sleeping with Socks on: Warm up your feet

Remember those nights you spend crawling and curling your feet in the blankets trying to get some sleep by getting warm and cozy. Well you are not the only one struggling to prepare your body for a good night of comfort sleep by warming your feet. There are many who do it every night in anticipation that the mind will relax when the body does on being warm. So, what is the best way to warm your feet at night?

Undoubtedly, the simplest and most economical way to warm your feet at night is to sleeping with socks on. Research and study by the National Sleep Foundation, USA suggests that millions of sleepers all over the world practice this ritual to prepare their mind and body for a good sleep. When you warm your feet, it increases the blood circulation throughout and signals your brain that it is time to gently pull down the eyelids and enjoy the forty winks.

sleeping with socks on

Benefits of sleeping with socks on at night

Besides accentuating a good restful sleep, sleeping with socks on has some other benefits as well.

Prevents night sweat and hot flash: Hot flashes and night sweat usually occur at night mainly due to hormonal changes in the body. The easiest way to counteract them is to wear the right kind of socks at night. When you sleep with your socks on at night, the entire body temperature is regulated. It helps to cool the core of the body and prevents sudden flashes in body temperature.

Fights Raynaud’s disease: Reynaud’s disease is a condition often experienced by people living in very cold conditions, where the blood cells and tissues are affected by extreme temperatures leading to swelling and throbbing of fingers and toes. Sleeping with socks at night to bed reduces chances of Reynaud’s disease by regulating body temperature. When blood vessels are open in the hands and feet due to warming, heat is redistributed throughout the body, thereby avoiding tissue damage.

Improves dry skin: Embarrassed of displaying cracked heels in public or wearing those super cool sandals you bought last summer, simply because of dry cracked skin on your feet? Try a simple remedy- apply a good quality moisturizer to your feet at night and wear a pair of soft cotton socks. In the morning you will wake up to soft and supple skin below your feet.

sleeping with socks on

Improves cracked heels: Sleeping with socks at night not only soothes your brain but also your foot muscles. Apply a soft cream to your cracked heels and wear a pair of comfortable socks. Doing it regularly for a week will give you soft, supple and smooth ankles and feet.

What Type of Socks Should You Wear While Sleeping?

Ideally there is no thumb rule to the kind of socks that you should wear to bed. It depends on your age, body type and personal preference. But before discussing the ideal type, let us first understand the science behind wearing socks while sleeping.

As the sun goes down, the temperature falls. Similarly your body temperature also lowers compared to the temperature during the day. Moreover, during the middle of the night or towards early morning, it drops further- it is then that you are tempted to pull another blanket to get more warmth.

When your feet are cold, it means that the blood circulation in your body is not optimum, and therefore, you feel the chill. On the other hand, when your feet are warm, the blood vessels are dilated and there is better blood flow throughout, increasing the body temperature and signaling your brain to relax.

Now, choosing the right type of sock to enhance this experience of warmth and comfort is extremely important. Always keep in mind the following tips related to wearing socks at night:

  • Wear clean fresh socks to bed. Do not wear the socks that you wore to work or during the day. If you repeat the day socks, it can lead to growth of bacteria or fungal infection.
  • Before wearing the socks at night, wash your feet, dry them with a towel and apply a good quality moisturizer or foot cream.
  • The quality of your socks greatly affects the quality of your sleep. Do not wear socks that are too thick or made of unnatural fibers. Choose light weight socks, preferably those made of cotton, which allow easy air flow, thereby regulating the temperature of your feet. If the socks are too thick, it can lead to increased sweating and bacterial infection.
  • Choose a pair of socks that are comfortable. Socks that are too tight or those that pinch your toe can disturb your sleep rather than initiating it.

The Bottom Line

Sleeping with socks on your feet at night are like thermal regulators. They first warm the lower extremities of your body and then spread the heat throughout, thereby giving you a warm experience. This gentle way of inviting sleep has been practised for years by all walks of people, from infants to the old. In fact some studies show that this practice also helps to speed up the process of sleeping.

Remember those nights when your feet invade outside your blanket and grow cold during the middle of the night, waking you up with a sudden jolt as if someone left the refrigerator door open in front of your bed? With your socks on you don’t have to worry about these involuntary slip outs from the blanket or quilt.

So, next time you go shopping for your night wear remember to pay as much attention to your socks as much you do to that night gown or your star sprinkled pyjamas. You may play around with the colors and patterns to add an element of fun in your bedroom but remember to put them on, except on Christmas Eve, when you can hang them for dear Santa to bless you with loads of gifts to last all through the year!

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Big help, big help. And suepvlatire news of course.

Fabian Tjonh says October 17, 2017

Whenever it gets too hot for me in the summer, I always put my feet out to calm my body down.

I never thought about putting some socks on, let alone that it would give so much benefits. But ofcourse I will only try this in the winter :- D

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