Types of Mattress: A Complete Bedding Guide

As per a recent study conducted by experts, an average human being spends about one-third of his life sleeping. So, if you were lucky enough to live for 78 years, you would approximately spend about 26 years dozing off in the bed. Sleep counts to be an important factor in our life along with healthy food and exercise. Ever wondered why this daily repose makes life so blissful and harmonious?

Why is Sleep So Important?

A journey to slumber land each day is vital because it rejuvenates your mind and body after a hard day of work. Our body is like a machine that needs regular rest so that it can harness energy for the next day. Poor sleep can lead to a multitude of health complications like- depression, stress, heart related diseases, erratic metabolism, weight gain and many more.

Good sound sleep is a prerequisite to a life full of energy and vigor. The true benefits of sleep can be assessed only when you are deprived from it for a few days. Sleep is actually our daily dose of vitality that prepares us every morning to take on the world.

How many hours of sleep are good for you?

Design your lifestyle such that sleep is one of your priorities during the day. The amount of sleep that you should ideally aim for depends upon varied factors like- your body type, age, the amount of active work that you do during the day, health issues, etc. On an average a young adult should get at least 7 to 9 hours of restful sleep, whereas the sleep requirements of children and teenagers is even more.

Preparing for a Good Sleep:

A good night’s sleep requires certain preparations- both in lifestyle and in our physical environment. Healthy eating habits clubbed with invigorating physical activity are the two pillars that design a good lifestyle ensuring restorative sleep. But, your sleep environment also plays a paramount role in deciding the fate of your daily night’s ritual.

An ideal setting should be in a place with minimum light and absolutely noise free. Besides this, the basic foundation of a sound and restful night is the mattress on your bed that decides the quality of your sleep. A good quality mattress should give you the correct comfort and support. It should take care of your body alignments when in rest and relieve you of all pain and physical stress.

It should act as a balm to sooth your nerves and muscles easing you of all stress collected during the day. Choosing a mattress that caters to your body type and offers you the correct combination of comfort and firmness is like a rainbow that you can add to your night sky.

When to change your Mattress?

Still using an old mattress with tattered edges and sagging foam? Time to bring home a new mattress rather than afflicting your body with pain because of an overused piece of bedding which was once your priced possession. As per studies, you should evaluate your mattress after every seven years, assessing them on the levels of comfort, support, firmness and comfort derived from them. A quality check at regular intervals will apprise you of their condition and notify you when it is time to introduce a change in your bedroom.

So planning to change your mattress after this thoughtful read? Before you face the onslaught of different brands on online stores or in those attractive showrooms, do some homework to acquire a basic understanding of the different types of mattresses available for our use.

Types of Mattresses


Innerspring Mattress

types of mattresses

One of the oldest and most durable types of mattress. Steel coil springs of various grades and thickness forms the core of all innerspring mattresses. Layers of fibers and foams are then mounted on these spring coils to provide adequate comfort. The springs may either be individually placed or pocketed around a coil.

The steel coils provide bounce and spring effect to your mattress. When you go shopping for innerspring mattresses you need to look out for the kind of springs used, the bounce generated by the spring, the quality of fibers and foams used and the upholstery that adds to the layers of comfort on the mattress. With the most affordable pricing, it is one of the most sought after bedding options available in the market.

  • Shape maintained over the years even with regular use
  • Better air flow because of heat between the springs
  • Excellent comfort that relieves pressure points
  • Good bounce depending upon the quality of springs
  • Wide firmness range
  • Affordable pricing
  • Possibilities of motion transfer
  • More prone to dust accumulation because of gaps between the coils

Our Verdict

Innerspring mattresses are traditional mattresses that could have died long back. However, they have restored their popularity mainly because of their affordable prices. They provide reasonable support to the back and the art of choosing a good innerspring mattress lies in selecting a mattress with the correct firmness befitting your sleep position.


Memory Foam Mattress

A growing demand for memory foam mattresses has grown over the last 15-20 years. Memory foam was originally designed by NASA for air-plane seats and was initially made from visco-elastic. Based on a combination of viscosity and elastic, this material is both springy and elastic. This is one of the most popular type of mattress.

It is so designed that it naturally distributes body weight and pressure evenly while returning to its original shape after use. It helps to relieve pains and body aches, while at the same time aligns the body parts. Soothing body pains makes it a great stress reliever.

The polyurethane substance of the mattress helps in keeping away dust and dirt particles. It gives both a soft and firm feel because of the high density foam used as the support base layered with the technologically advanced memory foam.

  • Moulds according to your body pressure and shape
  • A stress reliever for pains and aches
  • Aligns the spine ensuring a healthy sleep
  • Anti-allergic and keeps dust away
  • Good motion isolation
  • High durability
  • Needs low maintenance
  • Sinking and clumping after some years of use
  • Strong smell of foam when unpacked
  • Scores low in firmness as it cause your body to sink
  • Sleep hot conditions arise because of poor breathability of the material
  • Usually highly priced

Our Verdict

Despite been an upbeat and popular product, it has an equal number of non followers too. While some users appreciate its soft and firm feel, there are others who do not second its feel of quicksand, which pulls the user and gives a sinking feel. However, its followers far outnumber the other half and second its ability to soothe the pressure points and act as a stress reliever.


Latex Mattress

types of mattress

If you are a nature lover who loves to welcome eco-friendly materials through your doorway, then this type of mattress is for you. Although often assumed to be completely natural, the latex mattress can be of two types-natural and synthetic. Natural latex is derived from the sap of the rubber tree, whereas synthetic latex is one which is processed in factories and is subject to chemical treatment.

Usually latex mattress comes in three forms- pure latex mattress, Foam over latex (a layer of foam over the latex base) and Latex over foam (a layer of latex over the foam base). All the varieties of latex mattresses have good durability with an average life span of about 8 years.

They reflect good responsiveness and acquire the body contours of the users pretty quickly. The mattress is ideal for couples, especially because of its great quality of motion isolation. So, if you toss and turn frequently in bed, this is the mattress for you.

  • Good durability and longevity
  • Relieves pressure points
  • Supports the back and joints
  • Prevents motion transfer
  • No issues of smell, as it is a natural product
  • Dust and bacteria resistant
  • Heavy mattress, difficult to move
  • Availability issues with pure latex mattresses
  • Disclosures and certifications difficult to obtain

Our Verdict

Latex mattresses offer a great balance of durability and support. The product can be easily customized in terms of support and firmness, by simply altering the composition of the layers of latex and foam. Responsiveness and firmness are both the key attractions of these mattresses and satisfy customers on multiple grounds. The long term durability of the mattress ensures that your investment in this crucial product is worth a buy.


Hybrid Mattress

The advent of hybrid mattresses has revolutionized the mattress industry all over the world. The literal meaning of hybrid means-‘A thing made by combining two different elements.’ It usually combines the elements of both-traditional innerspring mattresses and the memory foam mattresses. This is the most innovative type of mattress in this industry.

Being hybrid in nature it combines the intrinsic properties of innerspring mattress in terms of responsiveness and the slow responsiveness of foam. The union of the two types often reaps good benefits by delivering support from the steel coils and the molding feel of the memory foam. It also clears the motion isolation test fairly well and is appreciated by users who sleep with partners making lots of movements in the bed.

Combining the best of both the worlds, these mattresses are widely appreciated by consumer, especially those who long for both comfort and value for money.

  • Unique feel of both comfort and firmness
  • Better body contouring and support
  • Can be customized to choose the base and upper layers
  • Faster response time
  • Better motion isolation
  • Good warranty
  • Lack of consumer testing to ensure that it is actually hybrid
  • Includes the drawbacks of both innerspring and foam

Our Verdict

The product carries a very novel name but some of its users believe that it is just a marketing gimmick. Just been a combination of the two does not make it a hybrid product and is often assessed by users in comparison with a pure mattress like- foam or latex. All in all it is a good upcoming product but does carry the drawbacks of both the varieties which makes it hybrid in nature.

The Bottom Line

​Choosing the right mattress requires both prudence and patience. It is a long term investment and needs proper research and market study before making the final call. With so many online reviews and sales tutorials there is absolutely no dearth of information on the subject. However, do not let this abundance of information adversely affect your choice and decision making.

Today the market is flooded with different varieties, but make a purchase with such aptness that you cherish your purchase all through the use. So, evaluate your needs thoroughly before making the big buy. While a memory foam mattress may relieve your aching muscles, a latex foam mattress shall give you just the correct softness and comfort.

But if you are looking for a run of the mill kind product with traditional goodness and affordability, then inner spring coil shall surely allure you. Whatever be your choice, remember that the mattress world is basically based on the above four types of mattresses and their variants.The combinations may change but the underlying varieties remains the same as discussed in this review.

Moreover, going by the traditional saying that the ‘True taste of the pudding is in its eating’, you should always give the mattresses a trial before announcing your choice. Remember, it is a subjective choice and what suits you may not suit your neighbour.

Therefore, take time and prepare for this vital investment that has a long lasting impact on your sleep and health because a wrong decision in choosing the correct type of mattress can cost you heavily and leave you tossing in bed at night and inefficient during the day. Be guided by word of mouth and publicity but test it to believe in its genuineness and quality.

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